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Officers, good or bad?



Yeah, I have a lvl 23 officer who I'm trying to train for my guild and what not. It seems like she is very, very tough in combat, like sa's, but her health sucks. It's like what my friend told me about in WoW, he says that such characters are cool, but are weak and are meant to be in a squad. I'm a lone wolf, but she can't take on many guys at once. Any suggestions? Or should I just get a squad of my own?


I've levelled an officer up to around level 50 odd before, it's certainly a viable profession for solo'ing.

The squad commands in expertise are very useful if you have enough points to pick them up, they will give you group buffs that will apply to yourself and boost your stats.

At later levels, officers excel at close area damage and are an essential part of a group.