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Off Topic - Any fans of The Legend of the Seeker?


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Calling all fans of The Legend of the Seeker,

There is a massive fan-driven campaign going on right now to try and convince ABC-Disney Domestic to not cancel the show. There has yet to be an official announcement (as of this posting) saying that it is canceled, however the show has been reported to not have yet been renewed for its 3rd Season.

There are many things you can do. I highlighted some things on my web site, http://www.zebular.com. I'd start with the Petition.com petition, then head on over to http://www.saveourseeker.com and http://www.legendoftheseeker.org - in the latter link, go to the Forums and look for the "Save Our Seeker" forum section, namely "The Renewal Warwagon" thread that has names and addresses to write letters to as well as links and more information.

If you have Facebook, I would suggest to post your enjoyment of the show here and as well as here. If you have Twitter, tweet the trends #SaveOurSeeker and #LegendOfTheSeeker with your support. There are two Facebook pages to note as well, the Official Facebook Page for the show as well as a Fan Facebook Page for the efforts to save the show.

As well, to keep showing fan appreciation, you can vote for Bridget Regan as actress of the month here and vote for Legend of the Seeker for show of the month here.

Fans raised nearly $8,000.00 in 2 days to be able to afford a fan-driven advertisement (another link) in Variety Magazine, set to start being displayed in tomorrow's (Friday) issue.

The outcry is enormous from fans all over the world. Please join in and show your support!

Just a few more links to help get you started:
Save The Seeker at Wordpress
War Wizards' Efforts!
Legend of the Seeker's Official Facebook Page
Fan Created Facebook Page to help Save the show!


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Terry Goodkind Offering Full Support
"Good afternoon everyone,

On behalf of Terry Goodkind, we are here to offer our fullest support to the "Save Our Seeker" campaign. We have reached out to the campaign organizers and have started discussing ways in which Terry Goodkind, as the author and creator of the books upon which the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER television series is based, can help secure the future of this beloved show.

We were very impressed to learn of the DAILY VARIETY and VARIETY.COM advertisements. Well done!

Please provide any reasonable ideas you may have for how Terry Goodkind can assist with your community efforts. We are launching a new website this weekend (TerryGoodkind.com) and have already discussed reciprocal links across the existing social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace), etc.

Do you have any other ideas for us as to how we can help you?

Moderators: If you need confirmation as to the validity of this post, please contact us at the e-mail address provided with our registration and we will submit proof.

Thank you all in advance. We are pleased to fully embrace fans of both the BOOK SERIES and the TELEVISION SERIES. Terry spoke at ComicCon twice, noting that while the television show has taken a great many liberties with the adored characters and story lines, the show remains a vital entry point for new readers to come to the books and further explore the characters you all now love."

He had this posted this here as well as posted it on his facebook page here. He also wrote something here that is worth checking out!

Thank you Terry Goodkind!