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(Player News) NWSP (New Workers of Siege Perilous)


Stratics Veteran
Howdy Siege Citizens !
As you know in last months in UWSP we decided to help new/returing/EJ players to start here in their first 30 days.. We are happy how things are going because we found many players around and i think we gave them best help we could provide them. But it's very hard keep all well organized so we decided to do a new sub-guild just for new players that will be easier to lead.
As i said in my old post about our help for new players, we don't want take the place of a NEW/NOOB guild and if one day a guild like that start again, we'll support it. But in meanwhile we'll continue to help new/returning/EJ players with this guild.

The guild will be called NWSP (New Workers of Siege Perilous) and it's opened to all kind of new/returning/EJ players if they can follow the rules. ;);)

This guild will be allied with UWSP so new players will have always someone with who speak and the period of time will be always 30 days. After those 30 days they will be free to choice which guild is better for them :)

Rules will be always the same:
They will be obliged to show the title and guild tag, so all people will know they are new/returning/EJ players
No Killing People
No Stealing from People
No pvp/VvV (if a new player will want so badly do that we'll help to find the right guild for him)
Always Respect of all players
We'll provide them as usually basic stuff, info about the server and guilds and all help they can need.

As in my old post i will not ask to don't kill them... Just if you can, be a bit kind with them :)

Well i think this is all !

Thank you all !