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Not had this much fun in a while

  • Thread starter imported_Blade Swinger
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imported_Blade Swinger

It started out in Fire Dungeon with a group of 3. I wiped them out pretty quick before advancing on. I apolgise for not many action shots as I did not have a screenie App running during the fight.

then a 2vs1 in Despise with my good friend^^ Yes lol im a noob for potting 2vs1

Even speed hack wont save you. He was blatenly speed hacking as noone warps across the screen like he was.

So I head back to bank my fresh loot

WELL HELLO THERE! A whoooping 15 blues appear out of nowhere. I dispose of the first blue fairly quickly in front of a rather large crowd^^ (11 blues on that screenshot)

I run around quite a lot and try to seperate them up a bit, preferably in pairs. The first two drop.

Someone comes to help there buddy

Then the next person soon follows

Another 3 drop in a close 3vs1, i was a wee bit lucky, didnt get any shots of this as I was extremely nervous for the first time since statloss as the adreline was flowing.

I needed to loot stuff so I was looting heal regs of each corpse to try and stop them rejoining. Yet another 3vs1 ended up on my way to star, was much easier as two were on foot and died in 3 spells each. The third guy wasnt so easy but didnt exactly cause me much danger.

With only 2 blues left the heat for me was on, A dexer and a mage. I knew I had to take the dexer out first but he caused me serious grief with bleed and disturbing my spells, I lived through the dexers mana drop from his specials, though

Then the final one drops, both of the ghosts bow'ed to me so of course they got a res, and complimented me which was nice to hear from a victim for a change instead of the usual drivel

In total 20 people died in a 10 minute period, it was by far the best and most exciting fight I've had since AOS and one of my greatest ever fights

So a huge shout out to [AB] for giving me an awsome fight and all the other random bluebies that dropped in the process^^



seems to me like spawn got several of them and not you. Still you came out alive so its all good.

Sad truth is I deal with bad odds every day b/c I work alone. I usually come out victorious...just never had spawn kill for me...should try it.


only way the spawn killed them is cuz they ran into it...

so they alredy lost cuz they are running /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif


sounds like quite a mission lol, i presume you mean the most fun you've had for a while IN game?

Fire Song

*Thwaps him and points to the MOM thread* You should enter this there, silly! Great job!


Glorious. Beautiful. Amazing. A true Badass. Carry on....

" I stab people. Four, sometimes five people a day..." -Aledonious of Chessy


Agreed...and it is not partial to its victims...basically first one they see, they target.....

soo...the spawn could work either direction.

Based on blue names and congegated spawn...a person can only take credit for his own kills and can thank spawn for the rest...

still nice to live through such a gank...........
they all sucked, however because anyone with any brains at all will not lose in a 3 v 1....surely not I. But as I said,...I work alone since I trust noone

<font color=red>Fecescious</font color=red>/Atlantic


Blade u also killed me just before that event (i know the time/place as im in AB too)
U killed me 1 vs 1 and i cure potted /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif - tho i was wearing spined for parry /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif - good kills - well done. (oh btw - i was in the fire passage heading to barracoon) - also let me add /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif - im SO happy u killed the sythe guy - he does barracoon quite alot and he sits at the altar talking about owning n00bs and spamming that he has 120 scrolls all the time when he hasnt - he also tried to drop my friend off at wyvern isle... next time u kill him leave him a few dozen chairs on his body for me.