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No Dice Recruiting PvP/PvX (US)

  • Thread starter Hurricane Darkness
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Hurricane Darkness


Servers: NA (us servers)
Guild type: PvP/PvX


No Dice is recruiting all ages and player types! We are an active gaming community with strong roots in PvP throughout the past 10 years. (some of us even longer).

No Dice was formed in the midst's of a large scale war on Rift. We had a KOS order against all of our members within 20 minutes of forming.

No Dice contains members of remnants of previous games and guilds. The guild leader Ravix has carved his path of destruction branching back nearly 11 years, with the same core group of players. These guys have been through thick and thin in battles across more than 20 online games.

We helped pioneer the current military stratagems used in PvP today. (most of the core members are or were once in some branch of the armed forces in their respected countries.)

In June of 2012 No Dice leadership will be celebrating its 12th year together.

• Remlok was the leader of a SWG guild for nearly two years, and in his rule, he made his guild one of the most feared PvP forces on the server. He then brought his entire crew to Lineage II, and continued to wreck havoc among the enemy ranks.
• Ravix has been a guild leader nearly 15 years, with leadership experience branching out far before that. He commanded legions of hundreds in PvP on a daily basis, with a huge winning streak. his quick thinking, and tactics become legendary. With a headstrong attitude, and fierce skills in PvP, he has crushed any and all opposition that has stood in his or his guilds path.

How it works - No Dice command is a mix between a monarchy, and a democracy. The leader has final say, using the advice of a council that is elected in the guild. The council then has 3 PvP generals, and 1 PvE General. The main commander gives orders to each of the lower generals. Each lower general has two sub commanders. The sub commanders are labeled call and spot. That is their purpose in PvP. This system is unique to No Dice. The spotters job is to find healers, or enemy movements and the callers job is to call targets. Everyone else is to assist a main assist (the general).

No Dice runs its guilds based on a fun atmosphere. Very lenient command outside of PvP or PvE. We love to have a blast. Even when PvPing. We trust our PvPers to know how to fight, and what to do. We trust our players to do their jobs to win. We tend to win. Though not forced unless called for, both PvE and PvP are optional to all members.

To answer any further questions about the guild and to apply for the guild please head to No Dice - Guild website - Home and register to the site. Once you have registered to the site please click on the recruitment tab in the main navigation. Answer the simple questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (we all monitor the site with diligence and will get back to you almost instantly.) If you have ANY questions, please post them in the forums.

• "I would like to join the guild with a group of friends, could you accept all of us?" ANSWER - Yes, No Dice has a recruitment policy to accept valid members, and to weed them out after a 2 week probation period. (if you are asked to leave, we do it in a kind manner, and always stay friends and in contact.)
• "I have a large guild that would like to merge with another guild, and yours seems to fit the bill. How would it work?" ANSWER - We would gladly merge with your guild as long as you retain our tag. The way it would work is simple, we retain the current command structure, and incorporate the merging guilds leader into the guild as an officer of some sort *most likely on the council*.
• "do you do more PvE or PvP?" ANSWER - simple enough, we are primarily a PvP guild, so we do a lot more PvP then we do PvE, however we do love to make our members happy, so we do anything they want to do. Just ask.

Again PLEASE visit

No Dice - Guild website - Home

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you on the field,

No Dice Command.

Hurricane Darkness

If you are seeking a great PvP guild take the time to check us out!


Stratics Veteran
Having a blast in WvW and sPvP!

We're continue to grow and looking for more chill and competitive players for WvW/sPvP. We'll gladly answer any questions you have at 'mgmt at reapersinc.com'. If interested, simply register and fill our our application.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Glad to hear all things are well for you all. I am enjoying GW2 as expected. :)