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[News]Village Patrol Guard Proposal Passes!

Lord Gareth

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Village Patrol Guard Outline - Submitted by Cheever
Effective September 1st 2011

Purpose: The purpose of having the Village Patrol Guard is to do just that. Patrol the Kijustsu Anei Village Townships and interact via roleplay with the EM Roleplay characters and spawn/invasion that may be encountered.

Earning Rank
: To earn higher ranks, you would need to prove yourself to the Commanding Lord. Only those who prove themselves and qualify may be appointed to the appropriate position. There are and will be no favoritism. Each person as said before must EARN their way.

: Higher Ranks

Commanding Lord
(position filled by Drecko) (Leader of the Village Guard)

Captains (Second-in-Command) (Second-in-Command over everyone else)

Lieutenant (Deputy to the Captain(s) position)

Corporal (Commander of the squads)
Lower Ranks:

General Soldier
of the Village Guard

Area of Patrol
: The Village (which is a given) and the other Kijustsu Anei Townships. is what will be patrolled. Once the Village Guard has been taken care of with registration of members/crew/what have you, the village guard can then decide who would guard which areas and when.

Day & Time Sign-up
: Once everything is said and done with getting the Village Patrol back on track, there will be a room to register at in the Village Armory which will then be displayed as to who will be patrolling where and when in a bulletin board.

: Each member of the Village Guard will be given a Halberd engraved with their name and rank in which they will wear to signify they are of the Village Guard. Those members who are mages will have Halberds made with SC so they will be able to wear them.