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[News]Village Patrol Guard Now Active

Lord Gareth

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Village Patrol Guard Registration, Kijustsu Anei Village - Sunday, October 02, 2011 Imperium News Service

Imperium Hall, Kijustsu Anei Village - Oct 2011

Commanding Lord Drecko of the recently reestablished Village Patrol held open registration during the evening hours on Sunday. He was well received by those in attendance who have been eagerly awaiting to once again sign on for active guard duty.

Thank you friends for coming out this evening, some of you don’t know me and some of you do I am Lord Drecko the Commanding Lord of the Village Patrol Guard. I will lead you in protecting our village which makes my heart beat heavy.

I want to say I am very honored to be here standing in front of such a crowd, I trust each one of you like family. I look at all of you as equals registering for Patrol Guard duty. I would be happy to have any of you standing by my side. I will give it my all to uphold this village and make our village patrol strong! If you give me your all, I’ll bring victory home to you and we will have a safe village to return to. So who among you will raise a hand to defend this village?

Village Emergency Comcrystal Seystem

Hands immediately flung High up into the air following my a roaring round of applause and cheer. Since the first registration more information has been released about the Patrol guard which the Office of the Commanding Lord was kind enough to let us share with the public.

The Village Patrol Guard is completely voluntary, all we ask is that you enjoy yourself and help anyone in the area that may ask for your assistance. We have provided you with a runebook to various locations within the Ethereal Void Imperium. Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the building locations here in the Village. The only requirements we have for the Village Patrol Guard are:

Kijustsu Anei Village Invaded on 6/17/11

You have the halberd you were issued in your hand during patrols, you do not have to use it in battle but the Halberd is our RP and EM item Identifier for patrols.

You will treat everyone with respect and kindness while patrolling. Even if you dislike someone in particular or a guild you are representing the township, this also includes respect for the Event Moderators and Proverbial Goddesses.

The Patrol Guards will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves even further through Patrol Guard Log Books and or Patrol Guard uniforms. Again these are not a requirement they are completely optional. Further information on any new requirements or updates will be sent to active Patrol Guards.

Village Patrol Guard Outline

Purpose: The purpose of having the Village Patrol Guard is to do just that. Patrol the Kijustsu Anei Village Townships and interact via roleplay with the EM Roleplay characters and spawn/invasion that may be encountered.

Earning Rank: To earn higher ranks, you would need to prove yourself to the Commanding Lord. Only those who prove themselves and qualify may be appointed to the appropriate position. There are and will be no favoritism. Each person as said before must EARN their way.

Rank List [] Rank Held By [] Details
Commanding Lord Lord Drecko Leader of the Village Guard
Currently Unfilled Second-in-Command
Currently Unfilled Second-in-Command General
Quartermaster General
Lady Angelica Oversees Patrol Guard Supplies
Currently Unfilled Deputy to the Captain(s) position
Currently Unfilled Deputy to the Captain(s) position
Currently Unfilled Deputy to the Captain(s) position
Currently Unfilled Commander of the squads
Currently Unfilled Commander of the squads
Currently Unfilled Commander of the squads
Patrol Guard First Class
Currently Unfilled Watch Tower Guard
Patrol Guard Regular Currently Unfilled Mounted Patrol Guard
Patrol Guard
Currently Unfilled Foot Patrol Guard
Patrol Recruits
Currently Unfilled New Patrol Guard Member

Area of Patrol:
The Village (which is a given) and any other Imperium or Kijustsu Anei Townships. is what will be patrolled. Once the Village Guard has been taken care of with registration of members/crew/what have you, the village guard can then decide who would guard which areas and when.

Uniform: Each member of the Village Guard will be given a Halberd engraved with their name and rank in which they will wear to signify they are of the Village Guard. Those members who are mages will have Halberds made with SC so they will be able to wear them.