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[News]Township Summit Meeting 7/14/10



"Welcome to this Township Summit Meeting at Her Majesty's Table"
~Tavalia Zodok

Mysterious Gem
Tavalia Zodok informed the summit about the mysterious gem being on display. She invited all citizens to examine the gem but do NOT touch it. The Elite Guards are on duty and you wouldn't want to find yourself on the other end of their halberd.

Public Works Project
Tavalia has been in communication with the Royal Surveyor, regarding various public works projects. She happily announce that the projects have been authorized by Her Majesty and construction efforts will begin soon. If there is further interest in the projects, please leave a book in the appropriate Mailbox located at the Hall of Commons.

UHOH Guild
The UHOH guild presented themselves to the summit table. They have been working on a city in the Trinsic Swamps located in the Felucca facet. UHOH guild currently has five homes in the area and are currently working on their city name.

Tavalia Zodok responded saying she would arrange for a census to be taken of the area.

Kijustsu Anei Village
Miss Watson announced the the Kijustsu Anei Village Intendant is wanted for treason against the Imperium. They have discovered vital information was leaked out but did not say to whom. Miss Watson also had a package to deliver to Tavalia and made sure to inform her the box was not ticking.

Tavalia accepted the package and viewed the information inside. She stated she would pass the information along to Commander Foxx. Who will be in contact with Miss Watson regarding the deployment.

Jamlyn Hakkendyn stood up addressing everyone about the undead situation. It appears these undead attacks on Aryslan, Guardians Gate, PaxLair, Dragons Watch, PaxOku, Kijustsu Anei Village, Zedland, Kijustsu Anei Keys and Moria are not random...

"Well most of you now know of the one known as Mazrim. Whether it be a story of the past, or a recent battle against his undead minions. If you do not know about him, you will in time. I am here to let every township know, if you have not heard, the undead are back and will eventually visit each and every one of you. *looks over at Winfield* Yes, some of us know all too well of what Mazrim is, and what he can do. Now he is back. So I ask, all of you... To decide on where you stand."

(Governor Winfield of the PaxLair Statehood)
"PaxLair stands against Mazrim. He is and unbalancing power, always has been. Even though we are neutral, Mazrim and his kind need to be destroyed. Thought we did that 10 years ago."

Township Responses
[Action]Action stands beside the queen. if she orders we will assist.

[Aryslan]We in Aryslan, are not asking the assistance of the Queen.

[Crown]Twould be bold request considering the stance of Neutrality

[Imperium] I will report this information back to the leaders of the Imperium

[Aryslan] Yes, please do. For in fact, there is a very important decision to make.

[Guardians Gate] We have seen the evil of Mazrim first hand. Although we are pledged to the crown, our assistance is always there if needed Aryslan

[Moria] I do know that the Legion has been paying close attention to this undead menace.

[Crown] It is not in the interests of the Crown to aide those who do not consider our efforts benevolent And do not care to stand together as allies.That being said, each township is free to respond to any call for assistance by Aryslan. In their efforts to ward off this supposed...checks her list* Mazrim... I say then *reads name*....Mazrim. Been seen? Made the intentions known?

[PaxLair] One does not need to see Mazrim. One can feel his presence. We felt his presence at the Tower of Souls. Our Stream of Courage is acting up and the Spring too.

[Crown] Afterall, as the Governor stated, this Mazrim has been dealt with years ago but yet none have seen his physical manifestation of late

Uncontrollable Chatter I
[Aryslan] "supposed"? *slams fist on table* He is making his return! We see what he has done to our town...I tell you he will grow stronger than ever this time. We see what he is doing now...He is returning and we will not stand back and watch it happen again.

[Moria] The fighting to clear him from the teleporter hub in our village was a tough one.

[Colt] slam fist on table maybe we should run you out of town

[Aryslan] *looks to CoolHandLuke* You just do not understand...Perhaps you will when his undead invade your town.

Jordo Hakkendyn: *mumbles to himself* Just try..

[Crown] Delegates...please! There are nefarious types throughout the land who I am sure would use the return of Aryslan. As a well timed and well executed....how is it said..Red Herring? I am reminded of a phrase learned during my years at study Post hoc ergo propter hoc And how this simple phrase is not necessarily always accurate. To which the translation is After it, therefore because of it. The Undead threat has made no threat to this City Or to the interests of the Crown. Alas we stand vigilant. Should a threat be made, it will be dealt with.

The Mayor of action informed the summit that his township has reached the twenty building mark. They are currently in construction of the 21st building. They requested to be included in the Luna town hub and to have a census taken. Once their banner construction is completed.

Tavalia Zodok responded with, very well.

PaxLair City
What public projects might be planned? Then I have a followup question on this too. Governor Winfield went on to say, "If the Crown has public projects and events bringing many people together, a word of advice... about this Mazrim. He once had SoulSlaves working for him and at major gatherings, captured people and took their souls. The SoulSlaves might also be returning. So a word of vigilance, as you suggested earlier."

Tavalia Zodok responded saying, various shop keepers would be available to townships. She commented on the mazrim topic once again, "Well again, there is no confirmation as to the existence of Mazrim. So let us see how things play out shall we?"

Moria Village
Just to inform our jumpy neighbors. The Imperium Fleet has been moved to Moria to deal with recent undead invasions. We too suspect Marzim is behind it.

Uncontrollable Chatter II
Aryslan citizen quickly shouted if the crown will wait till he is alive on their doorstep. Tavalia responded saying that scenario is highly unlikely. The Aryslan Emperor then slammed his fist on the table, "Highly Unlikely!?"
Tavalia responded, "Would be very difficult to make a run on Britain. The Guards would quickly see it dispatched." Manshoon muttered words about the guards allowing Gareth in. Enterprise said something about the guards allowing her to be kidnapped and the Chief detective to be murdered in the street. Tavalia quickly recognized Daria Blackmoore from Guardians Gate

Guardians Gate
Daria Blackmoore: On a much more festive note. As part of this weeks Rares festival Guardians Gate would like to Invite the realm. To compete in the upcoming horse race this Firdays eve at 9pm est. Should be a good time

Mornwok Request
Tavalia Zodok: I have a note here from Lord Mornwok. Asking for assistance in transporting goods from the Vesper Brewery. Those who wish to assist the merchant vessels can make their way out of the castle and report to the Vesper Docks