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[News]Sons Of The Sea Specimen Hall & Zento Docks



Sons Of The Sea Specimen Hall & Zento Docks
Sons Of The Sea, Trinsic & Zento, Tokuno
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Santiago, Sons Of The Sea guildmaster, invited fishermen to assist with the new Specimen hall on Tuesday Night. The event was attend by; CaT, Tancred Redstar, Orin, Krusty Krab, Sushi, and Walker D. Plank.

These fine fishermen sailed the High Seas, catching new fish for Santiago to put on display. Lady CaT stayed behind assisting Santiago with organizing, cataloging, and displaying each new fish brought in.

Four of the newest "BEEEEG FEEESH!" as Santiago likes to call them, are in the display case on the West wall. There is also a Aqua plaque on the North wall, naming the Specimen Hall Curator.

Yellowtail Barracuda, 179lb - Caught By Krusty Krab
Giant Koi, 20lbs - Caught By Orin
Great Barracuda, 82lbs - Caught By Orin
Holy Mackerel, 51lbs - Caught By Orin

Aqua plaque, "Sons Of The Sea Specimen Hall - Lady CaT, Curator"

Thank you Santiago and Lady Cat for staying up and working on these wonderful displays, and thank you to all of the fishermen listed above, for your hard work in catching these fish. There are still many new fish out there to be caught, so be sure to check out the entire fish list.

Citizens of Zento Rejoyace!!! After years of not having a dock, one has finally been built for the people!!! This is a wonderful addition to the city and local establishments like the Zento Station, run by Greyylene of the USN.

After doing my homework, I learned the design came from ____, of the Legends shard. Thank you, ____ for this great design, the diabolically evil one, but wonderful Mesanna for building the dock, and the UO Team for implementing it game wide.