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[News]Sons of the Sea - King Crab Catch

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Sons of the Sea - King Crab Catch
Sons of the Sea Guild Hall, Trinsic
Friday, December 9th 2011

Every Seasoned Crabber knows that before you give orders t' set sail in pursuit o' anythin' referred t' as Legendary in t' High Seas you should know every aspect o' t' creature from stem t' stern like you know in your own buxom beauty vessel. Santiago, Guildmasters o' t' Sons o' t' Sea guild in Trinsic was kind enough t' give t' Captains and Crews o' t' SKS Roadrunner, SKS Star, and The Lil’ Morsel [DWxC] a startin' point t' begin their search.

(Book pages will turn every 20 seconds)

Vessel Captain and Crewmembers

SKS Roadrunner: Kaiko, Sarberius, Naomie De'Layne, Arin, Niva the Savage
SKS Star: Drecko, Santanall, Roger, Syrinx, Excallaber, Nekura, Gareth
The Lil’ Morsel [DwXC]: Sushi, Hudson, FrUiT LoOp

After skimming the pages they made their way to the City of Vesper where they met Jennifer the Cartographer's Apprentice who was to distraught to focus on anything...

To ease her mind and continue on the quest for the "King Crab" we needed to help Jennifer locate her brother whom loved the drink...perhaps he is part of the Foxx family...any who it did not take long for her brother to be located and after giving him a nice bottle of Ale he said to tell Jennifer "StarBuck"

Supply List
Map Grade Wood Pulp
Inks of Acceptable Quality
Sealing Beeswax

Jennifer's list was not to difficult, local merchants had all the supplies needed to get Jennifer back on track and find those King Crabs!

The word Catalhoyuk appeared to be a secrete word which was used to teleport you inside of the bed Chamber. Master Vespucci's journal gave the final clue to his location, The Fortunes Fire Casino and Resort!

Once we arrived we located Rodney Vespucci....unfortunately he was unable to locate his clothing... to finally find the King Crab we had to get the local Bar Wench Candy to go on a date with Rodney....whom cannot be pictured due to nakedness...and due to Candy being so wenchy cannot be either. She required Moonglow Madness and a dance on the pole before she would ever go on a date with him. After locating the Moonglow Madness and a quick dance on the pole she agreed to the date and Mr. Vespucci gave us the password "Mappa Mundi" to access his Secret Basement and obtain the map which took us North of Moonglow to Ice Island.

A King Crab Carapace