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[News] QA5 - Elder Event Moderator Seppo - World of Ultima: Baja


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

EM Seppo
Elder Event Moderator, World of Ultima: Baja

When you first started what impression did you have about doing events, is it harder or easier than you expected? Did you get nervous and do you still get nervous?

I remember being zealously excited about my first event. In fact, for a first event, it was quite an ambitious one. It had a Felucca and Trammel component, puzzle solving, and bunch of other technical aspects that were definitely above my experience grade. I remember barely sleeping for almost 3 nights as I struggled to translate my vision into an event doc. Thankfully, Mesanna was kind enough to give me a 24 hour extension Of course, I made some mistakes and there is an amusing song written by a player on Baja about it.

In general, I used to get quite nervous before an event. However, it is not that bad anymore because you definitely learn to think on your feet at this job.

What is it like working with the EM team and Mesanna?

Well, there are many good things to be said about the team. However, the most important aspect is that we tend to drive each other. I really can’t even begin to emphasize Mesanna’s role towards the success of the team.

What do you think about the structure of the program?

I think that the program does a good job at evolving with the changing game and expectations.

Can you describe the training you have to go thru to become a EM?

The training program has changed considerably since the days of when I was an EM-in training. In my days, we really had to take baby steps as the program was not proven yet. For instance, we were tied to the EM office for several days before allowed to venture out. As the program evolved, the training regiment has changed along with it. Without going into details, current EM training heavily revolves around mentorship. However, once trained, a new EM today has lot more freedom than when the program first started.

If someone wanted to join the program, what would be the first thing you would say to them?

To be a successful EM, you need to be equal parts ambitious, creative, and willing to dig in to do the hard work. Bottom line is that you have to be extremely passionate about it or you are not going to make it.

Would you like to have a little more control over the player base at events?

I often read on U.Hall about more powers to EM. Personally, I am not quite convinced that it is a good idea. For instance, I would not feel comfortable playing the role of a GM. In my experience, we can largely control the player base through the stage we create. When things do get out of control, 1-800-MESANNA is always available. (PS: that is not a real number)

Alternates/additional ones suggested:

What is one thing you would to see improve between your community and the EM team?

The community on Baja is amazing. For the most part, players really do try to get involved in the story line that we present. Even, reds! I really couldn’t ask for more!