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[News]Pull and Run Tournament Winners!

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator

Irina Stone Skin Gwen Crab Pull – Winner: Bishop
Stone Crab 101 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Aryslan Open Fire Fish Run – Winner: Bishop
Fire Fish 156 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Golden Statehood Tuna Lair Run – Winner: Bishop
Golden Tuna 58 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

“C”immering Fairy Salmon Pass Run – Winner: Tatania Karthina
Fairy Salmon 1,204 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Giant Fallen Samurai Run – Winner: Bishop
Giant Samurai Fish 52 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Big Mariner Fish Stoned Sail Run - Winner: Bishop
Big Fish 1,678 Stones
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Fox Tail Yellow Drake Barracuda Run – Winner: Tatania Karthina
Yellowtail Barracuda 1,391 Stones
Prize: Weathered & Two Tone Boat paint

Tat Mix Thinia Run – Winner: Bishop
Any Fish/Crab/Lobster Combo 1,401 Stones
Prize: Pilot's Wheel

-+Categories with No Winner+-

Void Dwelling Crab Ethereal Pull –
Void Crab (Heaviest Single Crab)
Prize: 5,000,000 gold

Zed King Water Landing Fish Run –
King Fish (Heaviest Single Fish)
Prize: +25 Stat Scroll

Great Watchful Dragon Barracuda Run –
Great Barracuda (Heaviest Combined Weight of 10 Fish)
Prize: 5,000,000 gold


Wow Bishop! you slayed them Congrats everyone!
Great Tourney Gareth!:)