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(Player News) News on the Britain Hub (Warning: Big pics inside) - Updated: 129 houses now


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Stratics Legend
Hi all,

Thank you all for supporting the Hub over the last years... we reached now the first aim of 100+ houses linked and the lotto was held. (actually it's 106 houses connected to the hub)

So I thought it´s time to make a new thread with some updated graphics

You still find the Hub coming from Britain Moongate by following the Road of flowers to NW


The floors have colours and lots of nice features:

Ground / First Floor (Green colour)

Teleporter Description 1.jpg Flur1.jpg

Second Floor (Red Colour)

Second Flor.JPG Teleporter Description 2.jpg Flur2.jpg

Third Floor (Purple Colour)

ThirdFloor.JPG Teleporter Description 3.jpg Flur3.jpg

The Roof (blue colour)

Roof.JPG Teleporter Description 4.jpg Flur4.jpg

(I would have loved to make this in a clickable page with links and so on, but I lag the skills of web designing.. and my uoguides account has not been sent a validation email to... so all is made by excel and paint....)

Here is the previous thread again about the hub

And here are the house rules again:
They are still the same I wrote in my first thread (Link):
- Everyone is allowed to place a teleporter in this hub (except banned people ;) )
- Public and Private houses can be linked.
- Security of teleporters is set to everyone. Security to enter your house hub comes from your house security. (if you have private houses, only friends of your house can enter the house from hub side)
- If want to bring a teleporter to link your house, bring a symbol for the pedestal behind the tile, too.
- No Stealing, Fighting, Killing, Looting in the house. Friends of houses can ban those, who are dishonoring the rules.
- If you get the feeling that a ban wasn´t justified, feel free to contact me. - And i will look into this issue.
- Only Coowners or Owners remove a ban!

There is still lots of space in the hub to link more houses.... if you want to connect your house.....
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Delores D

This is great Joline. Artful said as soon as he gets his next reward he will put a tile at his house. It is located at the Brit Crossroad in the Gilfane Area. It is not to far from Brit and the Hag

Max Blackoak

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I believe picture of "A - chest of sending" is actually a commodity deed box.

Great hub though!


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
lack of players base on Siege. I need friends to play with otherwise I find UO boring