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[News]Hall of Commons Report 9/18 & 9/25 *Important*

Lord Gareth

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Sunday Night Hall of Commons Report
September 18th and 25th 2011
by WildStar and Merik/Gareth

These Hall of Commons reports have been merged and some information has been removed from the reports such as old event announcements etc. The Full HoC Report from Sept 18th can be found Here If you want the full story for The Saga of the Poseidon's Fury just click Here

The Saga That Gave Us A Reason To Play [Poseidon's Fury 9/25]
In the year some call 2008 we thought we knew exactly how that year would end....we sealed the history books with red leaves and filed them away in the Royal Hall of Records...but a simple and at the time insignificant report of an archaeological find in Ilshenar would shake the very foundation of our Beloved Throne. Tempting our former King Casca to try and seize the Power, Fortune and never before seen Magics for himself and his hidden agenda against the Virtues.

Our fate was placed in the hands of a simple Surveyor, a drunken Guardsmen, the Half Spell Botched Court Mage and a Royal Guard formally Exiled to the Lost Lands. Betrayed by their own King they would band together and rise above their own personal flaws and unite the factions, guilds, guards and townships. From death and decaying lands of Felucca to the flourishing orchards and summer breeze beaches of Trammel, across the enchanted Seas to the exotic lands of Tokuno and the marvelous wonder of the towering lands of Malas, those who whom have answered the call for years and those whom have just begun to answer will have their Honor, Bravery and Loyalty put to the Ultimate Test!!!

After Three Years of Unnatural forces invading Cities, Townships and Ports, our Farms being flooded by unforgiving Granite piercing waters that carry our "pigs" to their water graves full of maggots. Homes which housed families for generations and Shops built by a families bare hands...Torched and Eaten by Unforgiving and Undying Crimson Fire but worst of all...our hearts which have been frozen in time with Tavalia Zodok and continues to have layers and layers of ice added onto it by the Cryosphere of the Image. Fear NOT! for soon this suffering will end one way or another.

Prepare Yourselves!
For Soon......You Will Be Thrown Into The Middle Of The Most Talked About, Most Anticipated, Creativity Taking Game Mechanics To The Limit , It Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat Till The Very Last Explosion Saga Finale Of ALL TIME......

The Posideon's Fury Finale!!!
oming To Chesapeake This October!!!!!

EM Event Schedule For October [Events 9/25]
Elder EM Dudley announced the EM Event Schedule for October will be posted soon so keep your eyes on the EM Forums as they tweak and finalize things.

Announcements From the EMs [Feedback 9/18]
There is a thread on the EM Forums regarding Township Attainable Additions. Please feel free to post any suggestions or comments. Our first offering is going to be through the healer's guild. Successful completion of the requirements will grant the township a healer's hut of some sort that will res dead folks. That's going to wrap up the announcement section.

Open Floor Discussion [Ask D&D 9/18]
Elijah Cross: What types of things could be attainable for the Warriors guild? I know a building would be too much more then likely
Elder EM Dudley: Training Dummies, Archery Buttes, Buildings, definitely not. More like house add on, think house add on. Look at the stable something like that.

Ozog Giantfart: Weed kin gets ice creams stad?
Elder EM Dudley: That might be a bit of a stretch

: Township additions does each one have to be identical for each town IE: a resurrection shrine will be the same in form for all towns?
Elder EM Dudley: Yes it'd be the same addition to each town simply because we have one building and she is going to stamp them out just like the stables.​


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Elder EM Dudley also said last night that once the Poseidon's Fury was finally cleared Andrea Kildare was going to renovate it and make it into a museum.