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[News]Guardians Gate 5th Annivesary Festival!

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Originally posted by Daria Blackmoore in the Chesapeake Forums

The player run city of Guardians Gate is pleased to announce it's commemoration of Five years here on Chesapeake! In honor of the occasion, The Royal Britannian Guards and the guilds of the United Sosarian Alliance are pleased to present you with a Saturday of events and community fun. Events will begin at 12pm EST and run well past midnight with a variety of events we hope everyone will enjoy. Below you will find our event schedule followed by a description and ruleset of each individual event. Come on out and help us celebrate!

Schedule of Events: All Events EST

12pm - Opening Ceremonies, Fishing Tournament and Pet Training Begin! High Roller Door Prize #1!

1pm - Dart Tournament!

2pm - Scavenger Hunt!

3pm - Cow Tipping Contest! Low Roller Door Prize #2!

4pm - Net Toss!

5pm - Triathlon Race!

6pm - High Seas Demolition Derby!

7pm - Archery Contest! High Roller Door Prize #3!

8pm- Microbrew Mayhem Drinking Race!

9pm - Guardians Gate/RBG Auction!

11:00pm - Closing Ceremonies!

12:00am - Midnight Hunt!

Event Details: All Events EST

- Daily High/Low Roller Prize: At the beginning of each scheduled day of festivities players will gather at the city banner area for opening remarks, at that time players will be given the opportunity to take a roll on the lucky dealer 1d100 to determine the highest or lowest roll. The player with the highest/lowest number will be given one of the days mystery prize packs. In the event of a tie between two or more players rolls will continue until a winner is determined.

- Pet Taming and Training Services: Legendary tamers from the USA Alliance will be on hand to tame pets for players free of charge, also on site will be shadow elemental training. While your enjoying the events the pets will be training up! This attraction will run from 12pm to midnight.

- Fishing Tournament: This event will begin on 12/10/11 at 12pm and run throughout the day until 11pm EST. Players will have all day to attempt to land the largest fish they can. Prizes to be 1,000,000 Gold along with having your winning catch proudly displayed at our city tavern. Only catches date stamped for 12/10/11 will be accepted. The days catch will be announced during the opening ceremonies. Fish may be turned in at the City Auction House at any time during the day. The winning catch will be announced after the conclusion of the auction around 11:00pm

- Dart Contest: Located at the Ottersrun Taphouse this tavern favorite will test thy aim at the old corkboard! Head to Head, Single Elimination darts with daggers supplied on site or bring your own! Best of three shot total to determine each rounds winner. Prizes to be 1,000,000 gold for first, 500k for 2nd, and 250k for 3rd.

- Scavenger Hunt: Players will race to secure items about the realm to return first to claim victory! This event will begin at the city Rune Library. 1,000,000 gold for first, 500k for 2nd, and 250k for 3rd.

- Cowtipping: A RBG cornerstone, the cowtipping event is a head to head race where players will double click cows to see whom can knock thiers over first! Single Elimination format here as well with the winner to receive 1,000,000 gold, 500k for 2nd, and 250k for 3rd.

- Net Toss: Whites and Green Galore with any luck a Scalis to boot! Embarking from the Ottersrun Taphouse!

- Triathlon Race: Traverse land and sea on this trek around the globe to claim victory and 1,000,000 gold. Second Place will take home 500k and third 250k!

- High Seas Demolition Derby: Entrants will bring thier own "High Seas" enabled ships for a field trip to an undisclosed location in Felucca waters where we will engage in close quarters sea combat. The object being to scuttle the other ships around you in order to be the last moving ship in the area. The ship deemed to be the nights winner will recieve 5,000,000 gold! City crafters will be available to repair the ships afterwards at no cost to players. Ammo will need be supplied by ship captains themselves. Captains entering the nights foray will meet at the Ottersrun Taphouse and leave a rune to thier ship with the attendant at the time of entry.

- Archery Tournament: Time tested favorite that brings out the finest marksmen in the lands, Single Elimination here as well with head to thead competition, best of ten shots to determine each round winner. The nights champion will receive 1,000,000 gold, 500k for 2nd, and 250k for 3rd place.

- Microbrew Mayhem Drinking Contest: Sponsored by the Ottersrun Taphouse, players will be pitted against one another to see whom can down 10 bottles of ale the fastest! Sampling new brews from around the realm the streets will soon be filled with drunken song as nights winner will recieve 1,000,000 gold and also have a house spirit named in thier likeness to be sold regularly along with the other house brews at the Taphouse!

- City Auction: Guardians Gate/ RBG Auction, Items accepted beginning at 8:30pm EST. No fees, 10,000,000 gold lotto, 50/50 drawing with bags, books, and ATM's on site for your convienence! Our cutoff for this auction will be 125 lots total so enter your items early! The crafting deck on the first floor will be open to the public with artisans on site for all your crafting and imbueing needs. Pet training will also be going on right outside!

- Closing Ceremonies: Fishing Contest winner to be announced along with closing remarks. Located at the Auction House.

- Midnight Hunt: Players will gather at the Ottersrun Taphouse for midnight run to New Shame! Heading thru like a buzzsaw, untold riches and crazy mod'd exsqueesit thingamabobbers await! __________________