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[News]Feelin' Crabby Tournament - SKS Star Sign Up

Lord Gareth

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2011 Feelin' Crabby Angling Tournament Windows
SKS Star Sign Up for August 17th & 25th
By:Merik, Imperium News Service

Feelin' Crabby Tournament sign up for the SKS Star. You can sign up for the entire window or specific times. Please reply to this thread to signup for a time slot. Below is our current roster and standings, if you are not on the roster you can still join the crew by signing up.

Remember that only five people can be on the crew at the same time but as people take breaks we can substitute players in.

SKS Star: 7404
Orin, 3304
Heimaterde, 88
Bishop, 1765
Elves, 626
Kaiko, 703
Calixtula, 391
Adrianna, 284
Poopsie, 243

Wednesday, August 17th 6-10pm ET
Orin (6-10 Alternate if crew is full)
Kaiko (6-10 Alternate if crew is full)

Thursday, August 25th 6-8pm ET
Orin (6-8 Alternate if crew is full)
Kaiko (6-8 Alternate if crew is full)