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[News]EM EVENTS For the Month of September 2011

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Friday, September 9th @ 8pm ET, Royal Guard Exercises - Royal Guard Depot @ Serpent's Hold

The Royal Guard has been summoned by the Paladin's of Trinsic to assist in an alleged raid against the City. Royal Guard promotions will be awarded following

Sunday, September 11th @ 9pm ET, Hall of Commons meeting @ the Hall of Commons

This weekly Meet & Greet allows citizens of the realm to meet with the EM team to discuss questions and concerns regarding EM Events

Wednesday, September 14th @ 8pm ET, Feelin' Crabby Awards Ceremony, Sons of the Sea in Trinsic

Recognition of the winners of the summer long crabbin' tournament!

Saturday, September 17th @ 9pm ET, "Liquor Lovers" - Gate from Luna Bank

The Sosarian Solstice fair commissioned the very best of the realm's liquors and now they must be distributed throughout the realm, a prize this rich can only attract one foxy filcher...

Sunday, September 18th @ 9pm ET - Hall of Commons meeting @ the Hall of Commons

Wednesday, September 21st @ 8pm, "Risen From Sail & Timber" - Gate from Luna Bank

With the successful recovery of Captain Tokinson's maps and the artifact now within the grasp of the Royal Surveyor, efforts have turned to the Poseidon's Fury itself. The mysterious ship has once again been restored to proud and majestic glory, but what secrets does she hold still within her decks...?

Saturday, September 24th @ 9pm ET - "Where no Olmec would go..." - Gate from Luna Bank