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[News][EM Contest] Royal Guard Roll Call Exhibition Drill

Lord Gareth

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Original Post by Elder EM Dudley

As Commander Foxx announced at the last Royal Guard assembly, there is a new system being implemented for "taking attendance" during the Royal Guard exercises.

The introduction of that system is being accompanied by a contest. Here's how it's going to work:

During assembly each regiment will stand at attention in their representative areas. The presiding officer will then call out each regiment by name. When the regiment is called each member of the regiment will respond with their name, rank, and regiment. For example,

Commanding Officer: Mage Regiment Sound Off!

Private Pyle: Recruit Pyle!, Mage Regiment!

So on and so forth...

During this time everyone else should be silent, speaking during roll call when its not your turn will result in a demerit point. You should also take care to respect your commanding officers and always initiate a salute where appropriate.

Only those who sound off during roll call will be counted for attendance.

Now for the contest part,

Whichever regiment demonstrates the most cohesion and discipline during roll call will be the first to receive their "Pimp My Barracks" and an additional 3 merit points.

That regiment that demonstrates a flawless sound off, with any accompanied demonstration of drill (saluting in unison, casting in unison etc....something to demonstrate how cohesive the unit is) will win.

You have until December to work on this, that will be our next Royal Guard Assembly.

Any questions, we'll be discussing this at the Hall of Commons tonight (11/20) at 9pm ET.