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[News Alert]Crystallized Strongholds Alpha - Delta



Crystallized Strongholds Alpha - Delta
The City of Kijustsu Anei Village
Monday, April 25th 2011
By: Merik

Within the City of Kijustsu Anei Village lies four strongholds which secures four known Mystical Crystallized Liquid objects. These mystical objects are used to destroy the Nematic Phylactery which have been devastating townships throughout the realm.

Strongholds: Alpha & Beta

Strongholds: Charlie & Delta

Guard Patrols will be continuing with the combined forces of the Village and Aryslan Militias working together to keep these objects from the hands of Kenndrick Marrow and any other beings or creatures wishing to destroy or steal them.

While patrolling strongholds please do so with caution in Stronghold Beta. Mages are currently attempting to exact energy from the Crystallized Liquid. Minor explosions and essences have been recorded coming from the area.

Anyone and everyone from all townships or mercenary groups are welcome to join the new Guard Patrol task force. Patrol Guards can be recognized by the Halberd they carry with a unique Hue. (The use of Halberds is so RP characters and EMs know if patrols are happening.)

Patrol Guards are requested to respect the township borderline of PaxOku City and Kijustsu Anei Village. Authorization for official patrols of the PaxOku area can only be given by Mayor Tatania Karthina and Governor Winfield of the PaxLair Statehood.

Should an invasion occur the Patrol Guards have been given permission to enter the borders of PaxOku City to defend by the Mayors office of PaxOku City. Patrol Guard forces are forbidden from building or maintaining any defense structures or guard posts within or on the border of PaxOku without proper consent of the PaxOku Mayors Office or the PaxLair Statehood Governors Office.

Patrol Guards should also be on the look out for a Mysterious Savage. Village Defense Leader Niva the Savage has informed us that this Savage is not part of the Tonkaweya Tribe. The Savage has already broken into the Library of Arcane Knowledge in the Britannia Mage Tower and has been seen slaughtering Monks in the area.

The Savage can be identified by the Tribal Mask she wears which has Painted Eyes All Over it. Her intentions are unknown as well as who she is working for. From current eye witness reports this Savage may be targeting different Libraries and we ask that all Patrol Guards keep an eye on the Silent Rose Library,in PaxOku while patrolling the township border.

Anyone wishing to help or with any information please contact Village Defense Leader Niva the Savage, Aryslan Emporer Jamlyn or PaxOku Mayor Tatania Karthina.