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[News]Adventures of Kelin Book Signing a Smashing Success!

Lord Gareth

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Adventures of Kelin Book Signing a Smashing Success!
Silent Rose Library, PaxOku City - August 7th 2011

Tatania Karthina author of the Kelin series and Mayor of PaxOku welcomed guests to the first Kelin series book signing at the famous Silent Rose Library! Guests were showered with wonderful Kelin keepsakes such as a toy boat named "Sink the Dragon Ship", a wonderful drink called the Prince Cure and their very own copy of the Kelin series! Mayor Tatania kicked off the event with an introduction, explanation of the Kelin Series and a rare opportunity for Kelin readers to decide the future of the Series!

"For those who do not know me, I am Tatania Karthina. I'm the curator of the library and the Mayor of PaxOku. Sometimes I fancy myself a writer. More often than not I fall short on that ambition But then there is Kelin. Kelin is an ongoing story about the pains and triumphs of growing up. Let us begin this journey to the wonders of Kelin's life. Tonight we have several things to do... I'm going to read to you a few excerpts from the Kelin Series. I have two votes for you to take tonight to decide Kelin's future.

In the single ballot box you'll find the question, Does Kelin need to have another Dream Quest before his 10th Birthday? Please answer yes or no. If you do not know what a Dream Quest is you can find the answer in Adventures of Kelin 13 - Dream Quest. When Kelin turns 10, it will be time for him to begin his training. What should he train to be? There's 6 ballot boxes and you may vote yes or no for each one It is perfectly fine to vote yes on more than one if you cannot make up your mind."

Votes for Kelin's future are as follows

Should Kelin have another Dream Quest?
Aye 8
Nay 1

Kelin's Career
Mage aye 8 nay 1
Warrior aye 4 nay 3
Pirate aye 0 nay 8
Bard aye 5 nay 4
Paladin aye 2 nay 6
Tamer aye 3 nay 5

We can't wait for the next release of the Kelin series! Thank you Mayor Tatania Karthina for hosting this wonderful event and for writing such an amazing series! Below are the excerpts read by Tatania and don't forget to pick up a copy of the series at the Silent Rose Library!

The Adventures of Kelin 3 - Potted Plants

Kelin and the twins sit on a thick fur before the fire in the family room.
Chase walks around the house as if looking for something while Milla
tends dinner in the kitchen.
The entire house sparkles from it's recent scrubbing.

"Are you sure you cleaned everything Milla?
It smells like the stables in here."
Chase picks up a pillow from the couch and smells it as he speaks.

"Of course I'm certain Chase.
I've cleaned this house from top to bottom."
She replies as she stirs butter into the green peas.

"I'll let Caius in love." Kissing her on the forehead
as the oven buzzer and the knock on the door sounds at the same time.

Chase smiles as he walks past the children playing together.
Opening the door, he exclaims, "Come in brother!
Dinner is almost ready. Your timing is perfect as always."

Caius steps inside, his nose wrinkling dramatically,
"If you think I got here just in time to change diapers,
you can think again. What are you feeding those kids?
Smells like something died in here."

Kelin, hearing the adults checks the diapers of Gaius and Tara
and declares seriously, "Dey no poop Unkie!"

Adventures of Kelin 13 - Dream Quest
Suddenly a daemon comes from nowhere and roars at him.
Kelin bellows, "I am just a boy! What am I supposed to do with this?"
He takes out his dagger and dodges and swipes
at the daemon, barely injuring it.

"Use your strengths Kelin", said Amelia calmly.

The daemon breathes fire on Kelin and singes his hair
and burns his arm. "I've barely began training!
I have no strengths!", Kelin says frantically
as he dodges a huge swipe from the daemon.

"You have strengths if I say you have strengths
young Prince and I do say so.", says Constance.
"You are a natural born leader and often lead the games
that you play with your family."

"Oh right... That's not going to help!
Hey DOG BREATH! wanna play fetch?", Kelin bellows.
*she grins*

The Adventures of Kelin 17 - Dream Adventures
Milla twirled around and around on the stage,
jumping high into the air and twirling again.
She landed gracefully on her toes to a deafening applause
and bowed gracefully. Kelin claps too and laughs,
causing her to look over to him and Constance.
She gets a funny expression on her face then blushes.
"Oh Darn! It's only a dream! I should have known
I wouldn't be a real ballerina!", Milla says.

"You can be anything you like in your dreams Milla",
said Constance with a smile.

"Well, tonight I'd like to show Kelin
something very special." Milla said.

"Concentrate on what you want us to see and we will",
Constance said.