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[Neverwinter Stratics] Neverwinter, the “Jewel of the North.” (Trailer)


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Of all the grand and bustling cities in Northern Faerûn, few rival the splendor of the metropolis that is Neverwinter. From the magical structures of Silverymoon and the sea-worn docks of Luskan to the sprawling streets of Waterdeep, travelers near the northern Sword Coast can visit a variety of towns and cities, all of which have their own unique areas and landmarks to explore.​
Only one of these cities is known as the Jewel of the North.​
Even in its present stage of rebuilding from the disaster of the Spellplague and the eruption of Mount Hotenow, the shadow of Neverwinter’s past glory falls long upon its neighboring regions. Standing tall within the city is Protector’s Enclave, the seat of power from which Lord Neverember stages his fortification of Neverwinter’s recovering districts. Imposing walls protect the city from orcs in the Tower District, foulspawn in the Chasm, and undead within the Neverdeath Graveyard, all of whom are clamoring to take over the Jewel of the North.​
Lord Neverember’s charge to protect the city is no easy task…​

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