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[Neverwinter Stratics] Monster Manual – The Goblins


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The Goblin race is feisty, vicious, and numerous in strength. Like their greater cousins, the orcs, goblins are uncivilized humanoids living in a barbaric, clan-base society. Well-known to be thieves and war-minded creatures, goblins are always eager to strike at weaker opponents at any given opportunity. They are seen as a dangerous threat to civilized society because they are nearly impossible to eradicate, and their numbers grow stronger with each passing day.​
They prefer subterranean refuges like their bitter rivals, the dwarfs, but that’s where similarities end. A long history of war between the races continues to divide them in the Forgotten Realms. Now, each race has their own goals and plans to assert dominance over Faerûn.​

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