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Mooki's Auction Den


Stratics Veteran
Mooki's Auction Den is opening up Monday 830pm est. I will be dropping runes and have a gate open a half hour before the auction. If you are interested in gating for me I am hiring a gater it pays for the first three weeks 500k per week. ICQ me if you like 665711686.
We have a very exciting auction coming up here are the items we have listed so far:
Stuffy Bear 10k
Mannequin Deed 100k
Cloak Of Power Starting Bid Starting Bid 100k
Snow Statue Deed Starting Bid 10k
Priceless Treasure Starting Bid 10k
Hunting Permit Starting Bid 10k
Dragon Head Starting Bid 50k
Banner of Skara Brae Starting Bid 10k
Scroll with Ancient Markings Starting Bid 10k
Rubble Log Starting Bid 50k
And finally my 13 Year Vet Reward which is yet to be claimed Starting Bid 100k
We also will have a mystery prize at the end of the night along with a couple surprises throughout the night. So come on over to the Den and make a few bids. See you there!