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MoM, November 2003

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Murder of the Month, November 2003.

The guidelines:

[*]Murders must be performed using legal gameplay techniques. No murders comitted by exploits shall be considered.
[*]The play-by-play of the murder must adhere to the Stratics RoC.
[*]Screenshots of the murders are strongly encouraged and will weight the contest in the favor of people who post screenshots. *
[*]Murders will be scored based on the number of chars killed in that instance, loot picked up from the kill, screenshots and most importantly, style!
[*]Murders must be committed during the time frame of each contest in order to be considered for that month. Murders occuring in the month of April will only be considered for the April contest, etc.
[*]Entries will be judged by the Murderer Forum moderators and two other people from the forum of our chosing. Contestants for each month will not be considered to be judges for that month.
[*]Winners will be posted on the Murderer's Wall of Fame. Moderators may hand out honorable mentions if the contest is especially close for a particular month.
[*]We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want, although chances are that we won't.

Lord ORion

Heres how it started. My friend Duncan went to deceit champ with V^V guild. While they were all at the spawn Duncan decided to leave the spawn area. He told the members of V^V that he saw PK's.
The thing is there were no pk's.
Duncan left the dungeon, recalled to his house and called me. He told me to kill him...lol...so I did.

I then realised what he was trying, he wanted for it to say on party that he was killed by another player. According to Duncan then all the V^V members got kinda scared. Duncan was meanwhile laughing his head off.

Anyhow then we decided to go to the dungeon and do some real pk'ing.
Duncan quickly changed chars to Spine.

Upon entering the dungeon I saw a member of V^V, Moloch, Chased him around a bit and we fought, Was indeed a worthy fight however he fell.

I res'd him, healed and gave him kop regs. Im a nice pk.

Then me and Spine advanced into the spawn. I dont have screenshots of the killings here but i can say a lot happened. They died a lot and fairly quickly. The ww's were very annoying however, I say this because Snowman (WW) killed Spine lol.

After a lot of killing i retreated up one level and hid near the doors. They also decided to retreat however I killed em 1by1 when they came near.

After a lot more killing i went outside the dungeon. Here I killed a blue not member of V^V.

And sad to say but finally I fell to a very might I say cowardly way hehe.
However i got resd and got my stuff back. I had, had enough fun for the day and got decent loot.

I resd the blues that were still dead, wished them good luck and left.
I thank V^V for the fun and I hope they enjoyed it too, because me and Spine sure did.

***for some reaon on preview my screen shots dont appear to come up so click here to see em,

http://www.geocities.com/gaiaasa/pics ***


Posted by Bob Zero on Sonoma forums. Submitted here by his request.


I was eagerly anticipating the 'King of the Hill' challenge last evening.

PAS threw down the gauntlet, and the muderers of Sonoma gladly picked it up and proceeded to beat them over the head with it.

Despite the terrible location and the underhanded tactics employed by some of the blues with PAS, we stood victorious.

About 10 minutes before the challenge, I recalled to the Delucia tunnel near Trinsic.

When I recalled in, there were about 10 PAS members and other assorted blues...along with an Energy Vortex, which immediately targeted me.

Luckily, I had enough stamina to make it past the PAS members standing before the opening and managed to make it to safety inside the cave.

I then exited into T2A, and my suspicions were confirmed.

The only entrance and exit that the reds could take was marred by dozens of mongbats and imps, casting flamestrikes on me as I ran by.

Alas, I was trapped and fell to these creatures.

When I exited the passage from Delucia, I noticed the bodies of a couple Reds that had fallen to the trap that PAS had set.

I took the long journey back outside T2A and found a red healer wandering around the forest outside of Trinsic.

I re-regged and hit the tunnel again, this time pre-casting teleport and invis to make my way through the spawn.

When I came out the other side, I saw one of the best, (if not the best), PvPer on Sonoma, Lacrimo Cruor.

I quickly followed him to the hill in question, and there we gazed upon PAS and many blues standing above us, all of which were ready for a fight.

Before I could say a word, Lacrimo was off and running straight up the hill, casting as fast as he could.

He was in his element, and his fury was unbridled.

We tried time and time again to push up the hill, but the Blues kept us at bay.

After getting pummeled a few times, and retreating to heal, Lacrimo looked to me and said, "You can't keep running off kid. We won't take this hill unless you stay and fight...now stay and fight!"

I sucked up any fear I had and stuffed it back from whence it came. I fought, and healed and helped this group I now found myself a part of.

Suddenly, there were more Blues behind us, and I left after them.

I was seperated from my group before I realized it, and I quickly fell to a lightning fast deadly poison attack, and many powerful spells from a group of Blues leaving the protection of the town guards.

I wondered around, hoping for a res and some regs, but it seemed that my brothers were indeed busy fighting off the blue forces.

As soon as I would see a red, I would head that direction looking for a res, only to see them single-handedly fighting off 2 or 3 blues.

After wandering around for a few minutes, I finally got a res, snagged about 10 of each reg, and hit the skids.

Not too long after, I defeated a few blues and had about 250 of each reg, and many bandaids.

Less than an hour into the challenge, we took the hill as our own, and the blues retreated to town.

Lacrimo looked to us, his dirty, bloodied face wore a half smile.

He came to this hill to take it, and now that it had been taken, his task was comlpeted.

What little smile he had quickly disappeared as he rode off to the North.

He didn't need to tell anyone where he was going...we all knew about the event being planned at the resting place of his family.

I knew that Lacrimo would be standing in the shadows watching Lady Hushenbay's event with a steely gaze.

As he rode away, I thought to myself that I did not envy the one who would dare desicrate the resting place of Lacrimo's kin.

I would rather single-handedly go into battle against several PAS warriors than be the person who trampled upon any grave with the name 'Cruor' upon it.

Without Lacrimo's leadership, there is little doubt that the group I was now in would not have lived this long...let alone made it up the hill.

For the next hour, we waited the arrival of PAS to try and take the hill back, as they stated they would.

We waited the entire hour, and fought off a tiny group of blues who hid under protection of the town guards.

We stood outside and talked amongst ourselves, as they dumped their mana and then ran back into the gates of Delucia.

As I stood upon the hill, I realized that I had been fighting along side people whom I tought of as my mortal enemies.

These were people that would attack me on sight if under any other circumstances.

We stood on the hill, united as brothers, covered in the blood from the battle that had just taken place.

It is now that I realize that PAS had brought us together with the purpose of battling us at a disadvantage...but instead strengthened our bond.

We were a ragtag group of vile scoundrels and murderers with no allegiance to each other...but that has now changed.

Lacrimo, Khan, Ghost Vitius, Sweet Pink, HEIMDALL, bam bam and of course, TrUe BbOy, and I, Bob Zero...these were the heros of the evening.

Whether we were the heros in the eyes of the citizens of Trammel is irrelevant.

Whether we were seen as heros by people who judge us by the color of our red skin matters not.

All that matters is, we were challenged by the 'People's Army of Sonoma' to defend our way of life, and we were victorious.

We were outnumbered with no access to a bank box...no access to vendors in town.

The regs we used, we looted.

We had no town guards to depend on...only each other.

We were merely acquaintances when we arrived...but we were brothers when we left.

I'd personally like to thank PAS for the fun evening, and the challenge.

But heed my words...

The hill is ours. The land is ours. You are merely visitors to our way of life.

This night, you saw murder and mayhem...things that we witness on a daily basis.

You now have received a taste of what a small band of Fellucan strangers can do to one of the largest armies on Sonoma.

I advise that next time, you bring many more blues with you, as I suspect you may have awoken a sleeping giant.

*I have a screenshot that I would like to post here. I would appreciate someone sending me a private message if they could host it for me here. Thanks!*
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