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Mistress of Virtue

Omen Tailamont

Stratics Veteran
"I'll be sure to give Dramora your best."

The words hung in the air like a thunderclap.

Omen Tailamont's mind immediately raced through several different possibilities. Was it a lie? It was possible- a name from the past thrown in his face to shake him. Was it truth? Also a possibility. With Mikael's return, Aedon would remember well the sordid, complicated past between the Hand of Terror and his Mistress of Virtue. If there were anyone aside from Aedon that he could think of he'd like to see in Yew less than Dramora, Omen could not currently think of them.

The Hand of Treachery chewed on his lower lip in thought as he cantered away from Empathy Abbey. If Dramora had returned to Yew, he was at an impasse. Did he confront Mikael with the information and risk everything he had worked for going up in a puff of smoke, or, did he hold onto the information and attempt to deal with the problem himself?

He spurred his horse towards Dread Keep. He would have to decide on the way. Whatever his decision, his day had just gotten much worse.

Omen Tailamont
The Hand of Treachery >H<
ICQ: 22265202

"The only way to make good is to be bad."
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Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Omen Tailamont!

The name left a bad taste in her mouth.

She angrily slapped the healer’s hands away. “Leave me alone, I’m fine!” In fact, she was far less than fine. She appreciated the healers bringing her in here when they found her unconscious body outside the Abby after her encounter with Omen. However, she didn’t have time to let her body fully heal.

“I said GO AWAY!” She hated yelling at them; they were just trying to do their job. She’d make it up to them another time.

Dramora struggled to sit on the edge of the bed. Her head was spinning.

It was painfully obvious to her, she was definitely rusty in her fighting skills. The fact that Omen took her out so quickly irritated her to no end. She did have a very good friend that might be able to help with that, if he was still around. She quickly penned a message to him.

Dramora had gone to the Abby specifically looking for a Hand member to deliver a message to Mikael for her. Unfortunately for her, she had found the one hand member she did NOT want to see…Omen. The encounter had not gone well, and she was unprepared when Omen attacked.

Unfortunately for Dramora, the message Omen will be taking back to Mikael would not be the taunting message she had wanted to send him. Who knew what her old friend would tell Mikael.

Something Omen said to her really bothered her and she had to find out about it.

Adding two notes to her pile, she struggled to her feet, and painfully staggered to the door. Stopping a monk in the hall, she handed him the notes and asked him to find a runner to deliver them for her.

She debated going back to her room at the inn, but wasn’t sure she could manage a trip that far, so she turned back and sank gratefully on the bed to give her body a chance to heal at least enough for her to do what she needed to do.

Mistress of Virtue,
Guardians of Virtue (GV)

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sitting at his desk Aedon thought back over the meeting he had just had with Dramora. After the Alliance had been formed he had been optimistic that together they would be able to resist the tyranny of the Hand, and keep Yew and the other towns free from their dominion. The meeting was still fresh in his mind, and he ran bits of it over and over in his mind.

He watched as Dramora moved past him heading for a chair in the corner. It was clear that she was moving with great difficulty, and that she was suffering some degree of Pain. As he followed her, he sat in a chair opposite her and asked;

“What happened to you?”

“I will tell you that shortly but for now, I have a question and would like the truth please.”

Grinning a bit, Aedon promised to be as truthful as he could. Nodding a bit, Dramora continued to speak.

“Have you told anyone I was here outside of the alliance?”

“Of course not, that would not only threaten the alliance, but also place you in great harm.”

“Well,” She said, someone has been talking.”

She then went on with her tale. She had gone to the Abbey for her own reasons, and happened to run into Omen. He did not seem surprised to see her at the in Yew at all, and in fact seemed to be waiting for her there. He said that he had heard a rumor that she was back in Yew. It ended up in Dramora being attacked by Omen and some creature he had at his side. Having not really fought in some time Dramora would have found herself under matched against Omen alone, much less he with another to help.

She was lucky this time. Omen had evidently intended to mostly send a message to the alliance that no one would be safe. That the plans they had carefully been working on had been laid bare by some traitor within their ranks. But who would do such a thing? Was it possible that among them one person had been seduced by the Hand either through threat or bribery? The thought that someone that they had trusted deeply would betray them sickened him a bit, and he wondered how many days they would have before Mikael and Omen made their next move.

He had told Dramora that this place was no longer safe to meet in. Too many within the Alliance knew where it was, and it was possible that already the informant had divulged the location. Other arrangements would be made, other places found. But for now, they had to find out who it was within their ranks that would seek to bring down all of Yew, and what the price was they received.

Walking out onto the Balcony Aedon looked towards the perch on the railing. He regarded the large Swallow Tailed Kite.

“Well Nemira, it is time to fly.”

Nothing more needed to be said; the large bird took wing and hovered above Aedon’s house for a few moments. And then with speed unmatched, she vanished from view on an errand understood only by the two of them.

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
After Nemira was gone, Aedon went back inside and started to set things up. There were things to pack, and charges that he knew must be set just right. He would use 30 in all to be sure that what needed to be done, was cone completely.

He was surprised, as always at how short a time it took him to get things ready. Perhaps years of practice had made what should have been a daunting task almost easy. John stopped in and picked up many of the crates Aedon had lined along the wall on the main floor.

When all was ready, Aedon walked back outside and stood on the bank gazing out over the ocean. For the first time in many long years he felt truly homeless. That which was dearest to him lay many leagues across the wide ocean, and the place he had long called home was slowly slipping from his grasp. But there was little that he could do to aid Yew if he were to be caught or killed.

As he stood silently, watching the gulls soaring over the surface of the waters, Nemira reappeared, and circling over his head, dropped a single rune to the ground. Stooping, Aedon picked up the rune and looked at it.

“I do not suppose this is near the water, is it?”

The bird made no sound, but turned and flew off again into the distance, and soon vanished beyond sight.

Walking back inside his house, Aedon took a last look around. He could not help but feel the emptiness and sense of loneliness which seemed to emanate from the walls.

“We will meet again old girl.” He whispered sadly.

And then, walking back outside, he pulled out a small crystal and waved his hand over it. Immediately there was an explosion, followed by a low,whooshing sound. Where once had stood his home, Aedon was now looking upon a vacant lot, with little other than a few scattered pieces of debris to indicate that any house had ever been there.

Whistling for Leannan, Aedon mounted the horse and took a ride towards the Rest. All seemed quiet in the Glade, and he met no one out and about. He did not stay long, left no note for Thom and Gillian. Taking out the rune Nemira had brought, Aedon slowly touched the surface of the stone, and vanished from Aegis.
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