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[Great Lakes] Minoc Governors all shards


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I've been mulling over some ideas for Minoc, that I'd like to eventually pitch to Kyronix. First I'd like to if any of you are willing to have you share a few things about the Minoc on your shard that make your town unique.

For example: Minoc Great Lakes was one time Governed by a Thane, and the guild that defended the city was the Highland Guard (created by KET Knights of the Emerald Tartan) a semi-Scottish inspired royalty ruled play set. There was no magic permitted or very limited spellcasters were subject to possible execution, lots of rules about how to respect "Nobility" as players came and went play has shifted through court cases etc. to give the people the right to rule themselves (other than King Blackthorn of course) no longer subject to the "Thane's Laws" and as Governor of Minoc and a Witch (Tanda and the citizenry) are coming to embrace magic and the long lost history of Lost Hope Bay and a mission of acceptance of all who seek refuge and are willing to embrace the Virtue of Sacrifice and live lawfully. Lots of long dead souls wander about the ancient hills, remnants of many battles fought.

I'd very much like to seek in the distant future the option to add a little "flavor" to the City. As the docks were any change like that would have to be global and we'll have to have all our ducks in a row to present any sort of an idea.