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Memo: Factions and Champ Spawns

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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[Please forgive me for not posting with the Ethereal Void Imperium login name, I am at work and I forgot the password....(F- for memory) Please take this as an official memo from Kijustsu Anei OOC Leadership and the EVI OOC Leadership. This is being written as a reminder of the foundation in which Kijustsu Anei and the Ethereal Void Imperium is built upon and agreed upon during the creation of the Kijustsu Anei township and the entity known as the Ethereal Void Imperium. Please note we have not received any complaints or experienced any negative situations but questions have been asked and its easier to address by posting it here.]

Village Policy
"Kijustsu Anei maintains an “Open Door Policy” welcoming anyone wishing to be a positive addition to the village and its community. Kijustsu Anei is a place that welcomes all walks of life and gives security and a place to call home for those who have none."

This policy was created in 2009 by the Kijustsu Anei Village Independence Leadership and adopted adopted by;
-Kijustsu Anei Community Founders
-Kijustsu Anei OOC Leadership
-Kijustsu Anei IC Leadership
-Ethereal Void Imperium Founders
-Ethereal Void Imperium OOC Leadership
-Ethereal Void Imperium IC Leadership

This policy doesn't just cover those whom live in the Village or those whom roleplay, it also covers Trammel, Faction and Spawning Individuals, Groups, Guilds, Alliances, Townships, and or Entities. They are never turned away from joining, supporting and or participating in the community because of their affiliation or participation in Factions or Spawning.

The Kijustsu Anei Community along with the entity known as the Ethereal Void was created by and still operated by players from all different play styles such as; PvP, PvM, Spawning, Faction, RP, Crafting, Training and those really special players who more then likely should be Committed because they are...well they are crazy. Through its creators and their members who managed to find... (Oh no, don't say balance, don't say balance...Ugh) balance between these play styles, which allowed us to find common ground to work together one day. slaughter each other the next day and then work together again.

This gives Kijustsu Anei and the Ethereal Void Imperium the ability to be comprised of many different types of Players, Groups, Guilds, and Townships and to continue having this ability Kijustsu Anei and the Ethereal Void Imperium can not Create, Maintain or Regulate a Faction. PVP and or Champ Spawning Guild.

However guilds part of the community will always have the choice to participate in Factions or Spawning. Some inhabitants, townships and/or guilds may find themselves battling those they are either allied with, crafting with, or hosting events with, and so on and so fourth within the realm of Felucca.

KA and EVI OOC Leadership requests that its leaders and members come together and work with one another to enrich your game play, the KA & EVI community, public services and the overall shard community.

Some may think this is not possible but it has already been proven possible and worth while. For example, previously we watched the guilds of Shadow Hunters Empire, Order Among The Hated and The Fallen Legacy come together and work along side one another and many other guilds to achieve a Livery Stable. Now throw them all into a felucca champ spawn and you will more then likely end up with a bunch of bodies and ghosts running around and depending on who is reading this and which guild you are from they will be bodies of SHE and OATH, UHOH and SHE, OATH and UHOH *Grins*

With everything written above, fresh in your mind be aware that your decisions and actions affect not just you but those around you, because you never know who someones PvM character is that you are fighting in the lovely...(I try to never go there) lands of Felucca. Two ways to avoid 95% of felucca drama which carries over to Care Bear Land (I took a shot at Felucca so its only fair) A.K.A the Trammel lands.

of these things in mind just try to remember these things because you never know who someones PvM character is.

1. Global Chat smack talk seems to have become part of the Felucca gaming style and is enjoyed by some who like to come up with Witty comeback or use it to motivate themselves to become a better PvPer or Spawner. Unfortunately more often then not its done to purposely cause another player to be upset and can cause long term situations such as,

* Resentment towards you, your guild, alliance and or township
* Damage to your reputation, your guild, alliance and or township
* Conflict with your player relationships, your guilds, alliance and or township
* Inability to work with other players, groups, guilds, townships and or alliances

2. If someones whole suit of armor or even a piece or two drop remember that players remember who returns another players suit and if it happens to your suit you have a higher chance of a player returning yours. Selling, Trading or Destroying it will not score you any brownie points and if you do just remember;

* Right off the bat thats one less player in Felucca and most likely Ultima Online
* When your suit drops you should expect the same treatment you gave other players
* Players often hold one guildmembers actions accountable by all members of the guild they are part of
* Everything listed above in #1

Take it from someone who has made many mistakes over the years and just recently learned what its all about and the true meaning and reason of/for a Community.