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Meet Morfy.


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Hi, my pen-name is "Michael Owen Reeve" (MOR) and I write MORfiction. I'm a 35 yo "game designer" who a few years back started with a project called "Ryu Online" ... I forget how I heard of it, but I was a writer. I've written for just about 20 years, doing fiction. I've written dozens of books for the print-on-demand service Lulu.com as well as some Smashwords e-books and an audible audio book I wrote was narrated by Matt Lamont.

Right now I'm on a team working on a webcomic called "Soft Grass & Sharp Strings" with artist Michel B and two other friends from Facebook. Sorry, no artwork yet. We meet virtually over Skype and use such online tools as dropbox and google drive to share files.

RO was disbanded because there's a learning game called "Ryu" with dragons in it. I stupidly contacted the owners of that game and their lawyer told me to cease and desist using the name Ryu Online because it was TM infringement. Michel B and me became friends.

Eddie, a modeller from RO formed a group for "Born to Reign" game which is still in production, but is going sluggishly. We have a GDD but no staff....

After that I joined Digital Hammer to work on "Death Never Accepts" and wrote some story entry blogs as well as doing Public Relations. That studio folded, too for reasons I do not know.

I then joined CraftCoin as writer and junior PR man for Dark Solution. I accidentally had my tablet leave their skype room and haven't talked to them since.... my PC was outta commision for the time, too.

Anyhow, join me on skype.... I'm morficton. Oddly enough people misread that and call me "Mortification" :D... My Xeeme profile.

B2R still needs help... we need volunteers :D