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[Discordance] Masteries


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
They look completely useless...
Does anyone use them (and in which situations)?
4 x 120 Bard + 2 Vollems or Lowland bouras. Run provo masteries and disco tough targets. Its a all purpose character for me that can do just about anything but Im still running a 2k luck suit with 16 Mr and 28 dci atm. If I actually built a non luck suit for the char Im sure it would open more doors. I also switch the charactee into a disco tamer on occasion as well. As far as masteries are concerned they are awesome in groups. I personally really like the dmg from despair / tribulation. 4X120 is 207 damage with a slayer if i remember correctly and that is to a TARGETTED resist. Add in disco -28 resist and tribulation dmg and you can do 150 dmg per sec on the right target aas long as your mana holds out etc...


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
I don't speak about bards - just about Tribulation and Despair.
Against a weak monster it useless because I kill it faster with a bow. I have tried it vs UEV - and it does just about 4 dmg without slayer. Also the mastery stays active just few seconds. I don't take more than 14 damage per hit and I don't run out of mana but it wears off for unknown reason.

Could you tell me a monster (that is easy accessible) to use a mastery on so I could see it's useful?


UO Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
RE: Disco mastery abilities.
You can select the damage type using the context menu on the Bard Mastery book
So make sure you choose the right damage type.

Typically I'll hunt in shame against the non-casting mobs and crank out Despair on them after discording them. (The strength reduction from Despair stack on top of discord effect)
You can run both disco and tribulation at the same time, but thats a huge mana crunch.
Tribulation I use mostly in group fights, vs high end mobs. If i go out with a couple of sampires or paladins, and drop tribulation on a mob, it can proc off of both of their swings.

Base Despair damage from a 4x bard with slayer instrument is 180 dmg per round. Tribulation proc will increase that to 315


I have never seen that kind of damage using a slayer instrument on a mob.

Like if I used respond on the mad mage in shame, using the right damage type, then ran Despair using 4x Bard it still doesn't tic for more than 30 unless I melee it and it procs. Is that what you mean?


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
This is 2021. Who knows what's changed since the original post.
Please don't resurrect threads that haven't had a post in 8 years unless it's absolutely necessary.

Anon McDougle

Stratics Veteran
Not to beat a dead thread but the disco mastery is very effective with slayer instruments..