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Lycanthropy: How do you get it?


Stratics Veteran
Where do you go to become Werewolf or any other battle skill? How long doe it take to become a werewolf? What all do I need to become one?

Also why isn't there any info on all the battle skills and were to get them? When I play a game like this always have a objective.. With this game the first thing that you need is the battle skill. I need to no what are all the Main battle skills and where to get them so I can lvl them up with me.. Then after I get that then I move onto the next objective maybe crafting, questing, farming, grouping etc....... I can't do this because I don't even no where the hell to go to get the combat abilitys.. This should be in-game and available to the player under help menu.. This is a major drawback for me


Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
Not sure how UO guides are going to help :)

Lycanthropy is obtained by doing some quests in Serbule to talk to the wolf NPC. It's a temporary quest line, and eventually it will be more complicated. This is a game about exploration, so finding the location of skills is supposed to be part of the fun! If that isn't something you find fun, though, you can find hints for all the hard-to-find combat skills in the Quest panel, under "Stuff To Do". You can also get more explicit info in the community wiki.
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Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
Do Rita's quest in Serbule and that will lead you to Harry.