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Low fps after cave?


Stratics Veteran
I've been running at 70-80 fps in cave on setting put on 2 (50 fps all on max), it was pretty stable and i was enjoying the greatest mmorpg i've ever played, and then as me and the friend i've met gone out BAM! 7-12 fps... unplayable, after that i've set all up to min the view distance the dextures everything now it looks worse then runescape and i have 20 fps in town :(
I can run LoL, Dota 2, Tera online (on low running 45 fps)
Why cant the only game i've enjoyed in a long long time run at least at 30 :/

Sorry for 4x post i though something is bugged so i press button multiple times.
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Luka Melehan

Stratics Veteran
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Stratics is double posting right now. It has been reported.