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LotRO US: Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues (Updated: 3:18pm EDT, 3.17.09)


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LotRO US: Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues

While The Lord of the Rings Online game servers are offline and being updated to Volume 2, Book 7: Leaves of Lórien, Turbine has released a list of Known Issues. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the list so you are not surprised by any oddities that may be encountered.An ETA has not be released for the fixing of these known issues. One can safely assume, with Turbines above par track record, that they will be fixed.

You may wish to keep an eye on the Official Article for up to the minute updates on the Known Issues.* We will strive to provide timely updates to this list as we get them here at LotRO Stratics. You may read the current (as of 10:30 am Eastern Time) list of known issues below, click Read More for the full article.

Click here for the details on the patch downtime.
Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues
(UPDATED: 03:18 PM Eastern, -4 GMT, 03/17/2009)

Quest Guide (BETA)
PLEASE NOTE: The Quest Guide feature is being released as BETA and will be turned off by default. If you would like to check it out, it can be enabled in your Options panel. We welcome bug reports and feedback on this new feature!

  • There are numerous quests that do not currently display objectives correctly with Quest Guide
Turbine Download Manager (TDM)

  • If a player who has not fully downloaded the game enters the final newbie instance with someone who has, they will not be able to obtain the novice trait and the character will be broken.
  • The download Icon is a Grey Square while downloading the full game.
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