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LotRO US: Turbine Download Manager Users


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LotRO US: Turbine Download Manager Users
Turbine Download Manager Users
We're aware of an issue with TDM and are diligently working on a resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post more information as soon as it is available! For discussion of the topic, please see this thread. Thanks!

6:15PM: The fix is available! Click here and save this file to your desktop.

Once the file has finished saving, please open the file and double click the “RestoreTDM.exe” file contained within to update and restart TDM.

Please note: Windows XP users must be in Admin mode or have Admin rights in order to run the fix.
Many apologies for the inconvenience today. This should get you back up and running quickly!

5:40PM: Still working on it - almost there! QA is testing the fix, and we'll be posting a link to it as soon as it's tested. If you run TDM and are unable to connect, you will need to download and run the .exe we will provide.

If you have already restored your TDM backup files and everything is working now, you DO NOT need to run this fix!

4:45PM: We are closer to having a fix complete and passed by QA. We'll have an update (or the fix) shortly. Thanks!

2:20PM: We are still actively working on a resolution to the issue. Thanks for your patience!

*All times are Eastern (-4 GMT)
Stay Up-To-Date on this issue by reviewing the Official Forum Announcement Post! We will strive to provide you updates here at LotRO Stratics, however since Turbine has first-hand knowledge of this issue, you will gain faster updates on this particular issue by reviewing their thread announcement.

This issue only pertains to users using Turbine's Download Manager. Users who patch through the game's normal patcher should remain unaffected. As well, this has no bearing on the European Servers by Codemasters, as the Turbine Download Manager is only for the North American Servers by Turbine.