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LotRO US: Top Ten Hammer takes a tour of the Mines of Moria!


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Top Ten Hammer takes a guided tour of Moria! Check out their screens, videos, and previews for the exiting expansion, the Mines of Moria.
Ten Ton Hammer's Exclusive Tour of Moria

"Moria's a very vertical place," Aaron Campbell said. "If you jump off a ledge you fall, and fall, and fall, and fall." With that, I proceeded to quickly jump off the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm and test just how far you can fall in Moria. Not surprisingly, he was right. You fall for a long, long time before you hit bottom.

Find out what else is going on in the darkest corners of Moria! Jump on over to Ten Ton Hammer and see their exclusive screens, video, and preview of the world beneath!

Ten Ton Hammer Dishes on Moria, Balrogs, and Really Long Falls.

Ten Ton Hammer recently had the opportunity to take a guided tour of Moria. For their impressions and a video every LOTRO player should see, check out the following links!