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LotRO Stratics Kinship Fansite Spotlight - Coth Uin Guruthos, a Laurelin Server Kin.


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LotRO Stratics Kinship Fansite Spotlight - Coth Uin Guruthos, a Laurelin Server Kinship (European)

From the Laurelin Server on the European side of the World comes to you the Kinship, Coth Uin Guruthos!
Kinship Name: Coth Uin Guruthos
Server Location: Laurelin Server - European
Kinship Web Site: http://cug-kinship.foroes.net/portal.htm
Kinship Description: We started as small group of real life friends, but now we've grown both in members and friends in the way and we pretend to carry on with this. We are all mature players with many experience in several MMORPG's who has forged their friendship about being helpfull and kind with all kin members.

All kind of players are welcome on our kinship, RP'rs, PvPM'rs, crafters, raiders and so on. New members use to have newcome welcome present in form of crafting items made by our members and allways have the support of our crafters for your equipment.

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