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LotRO Exclusives: Finnbarr Galedeep interviews Coltsfoot Wyrmwood of Landroval!


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Finnbarr Galedeep, resident of the Windfola Server, conducted a player interview with Coltsfoot Wyrmwood from the Landroval Server in the popular MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online!
Hello there! Finnbarr Galedeep here of the Windfola Server!

I was feeling quiet interested in how a longtime friend of mine was doing. On another server. Coltsfoot Wyrmwood, A hobbit who was once a being of the Windfola server, now dwells in the Landroval server. We did a small bit of gaming together when she was on the Windfola Server, but her hobbit heart called and was drawn to Landroval where she is the Founder of the Role-playing Kinship: 'Lond Treneri'. Landroval is known very much for its Role-player's and since I was conducting my interview there I allowed myself to get a little carried away. I ended up seeing first hand the world Tolkien from a different Server's Prospective.

I decided to meet the hobbit face to face at her home in the shire.

After a brief explanation of who I was and why I was there, she allowed me to come in. And so the questions began.

Q.: "How did you first come by starting Lond Treneri?"
A.: "This one I started with a friend just for role-playing on this server. It was also for a group of my friends to transfer to since Windfola doesn't really have a lot of Role-players. It was definitely a lot of fun starting this one because I had a lot more experience for starting a kin. It was a lot more laid and easy going and I knew a whole lot more in what I was doing."
Q.: "Tell me a little bit about your Kinship."
A.: "Well we're a heavy Role-playing Kinship. That's pretty much what we concentrate on, beside just working together. Its pretty much our focus. We like to always playing in character and really like to enjoy the game Instead of really leveling. We really like being the characters and enjoying the stories we develop."
Q.: "Do you role-play with any of the event's that take place like the Spring and Fall festival?
A.: "We'll we do a lot of the event's in character! We didn't really get to do any of the fall events in character but we really do enjoying doing them and some events we plan out ourselves. We really do everything In-character..."
Q.: "Do you ever Role-play with any other Kinships on Landroval?"
A.: "We've done a few things with other Kinships but mostly role-play with other character on our server. We don't really interact as a group with them like just planned events but we would to. Its really something we've talked to other Kinships about and i have friends in other Kinships, where we've had story-lines planned out. However we really like to leave things open for our members to just enjoy the other parts of the game. We don't want to structure things to much that people cant just relax and play however they want to play within the boundaries of a role-playing character."
Q.: "I'm wondering...how long has an actual role-play session actually gone within your Kin at one time?"
A.: "I'm not sure really. That...er....That would be giving away the shear dorkiness of myself. At times its gone on for hours and hours and hours at a time. I've stayed till the early morning with some of my own personal "Sessions". I've had story lines develop from these that have gone on for months! Hahaha!"
Q.: "What kind of goals and events are you building towards for Lond Treneri?"
A.: "Our main goal is to provide a kinship for people to game with in-character that's really relaxed and laid back and to welcome people that play All different kinds of characters. But also to be very Respectful of Tolkien's "Mythology and War." As far as events go we would like to have more events to show people what Role-playing is all about and would like to welcome more noobies into it."
Q.: "Do you have any type of advice to People that are new to role-playing, that really don't have any clue what to do?
A.: "Yeah! Definitely check out the role-play area on the Forums on the lotro.com . Also don't be afraid to ask some people around here. Landroval has a really nice community and they would be more than happy to help. There's really no correct way to role-play...you just do it...But if you do just stay inside the context of mythology of what your doing. Most importantly relax and have fun. A lot of people are intimidated by it....you don't have to speak in Old-English to role-play Just relax...have fun...and be your character..."
Q.: "Now...tell me a little bit about yourself...You gave me quiet a fright when I knocked on your door...I'm just thankful I still have all my fingers..."
A.: "Heh...I'm not really your average, everyday, jolly, hobbit...I'm not really that cheerful all the time...I'm almost...the Anti-hobbit...in a way...But also in a lot a ways I'm a very kind, and caring person that cares a lot about my friends and the people that I travel with....I'm actually quiet a good fighter...and...the tallest hobbit you'll ever see!"
Q.: "Do you have any server-wide events planned for the Kinship that everyone can get involved in for the holidays?"
A.: "We may plan to do some things for the Holidays...we're still talking about that...hahaha!"
She reminded me that Role-playing can really add a whole new dimension to the game that you didn't know the game and can really make it a whole lot more fun.

After I was done with my questions I asked her to show me around her homestead a bit so I could get to know her a little better and just to see where a hobbit such as herself lived. After a sigh and a smirk she finally said yes with a grin. She invited me to this nice little spot overlooking the entire homestead.

It was quiet nice of here to bring me there...she said the view of the waterfall was even better up close...she encouraged me with a little nudge.

She was right...it was better up close...

Afterward she brought me back inside for supper as a thanks you and with that I called it a day.​

I really enjoyed this interview with Coltsfoot as she told about her kinship and all the things they had planned and also what they stood for. With that I sign out and until that little story pops up in Windfola....

~Finnbarr Galedeep signing out.