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LotRO EU: End of Summer Hunt in Middle-earth!


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The Lord of the Rings Online Europe, by Codemasters, is holding an "End of Summer Hunt in Middle-earth" contest! Good luck to all those who enter!
End of Summer Hunt in Middle-earth!

This summer join in the fun with the End of Summer Hunt! We’re taking advantage of the good weather in Middle-earth and sending you on a quest that will wrack your brains and test your knowledge of Middle-earth!

To win you will need to solve the clues and find the location that they direct you to. Your clues will come in the form of a verse and an image. A new clue will be released every Friday until October 31st we'll be releasing a clue to a new location to discover.

To enter, solve the clues and find the place shown in the image given. Take a screenshot of your character at the correct area and send it to us. For the screenshot to be valid it must show the following:
  • Your character
  • The UI/HUD must be showing
  • The /loc for English, /emp for French, and /pos for German clients for the location of where your character is
  • The screenshot must not be altered in anyway
Send your screenshot to [email protected] to enter. The first person to send a correct and valid entry will win a prize!

Terms and conditions apply. You can read our Terms and Conditions here.

Summer Hunt – First Clue

Join in the fun with the Summer Hunt! Your clue today is:

“In halls filled with flame,
Where metal is tamed,
By skilled hands and tools,
They sit and wait to be used.”

The prize for this week's clue is: Codemasters Goodie bag​