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LotRO EU: Creatures of Middle-earth: Iornaith


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Creatures of Middle-earth: Iornaith

As the Dark Lord Sauron begins to gather his strength, evil things stir throughout Middle-earth. Among these minions of darkness are many broods of giant spiders. The brood of Iornaith has come down from the Misty Mountains and settled in tunnels beneath the troubled village of Archet in Bree-land. Rumor tells that they are stalking the dwarf Atli Spider-bane, a renowned spider-hunter from the Lonely Mountain.

Long ago the dread spider Iornaith tried and failed to slay Atli, and she now seeks vengeance against him for the deaths of her brood-mates. Long has she searched for him, and has at last learned that he is in Archet, helping the men of that town defend themselves against the Blackwolds. Beware, you who venture beneath Sprigley’s farm, for the malice there is ancient, and hungers for revenge!

Iornaith does not appear in the lore of The Lord of the Rings, but is derived from the giant spiders that appear in The Hobbit. Many players will confront this spider-queen early in their adventuring careers.