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[Lore] Mechanical Magick


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
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Mechanical Magick

I continue here the notes of my parents who spent their final years researching new applications in something I call mechanical magick. We have had access to golems for years, and the gargoyles of Ter Mur gave us more clockwork beings. However, my parents believed such magic could be used for applications beyond brute labor.

I have continued their work, though very few libraries in Britannia have much information on the machines and clockwork magic beyond the components of golems and power crystals. There was one work journal that made mention of something called Nexus devices. The journal did not mention many details about the devices except that these machines connected our world with the Ethereal Void. The rest of the journal seems to be missing, cutting off at the words "Dark Core."

I have decided to travel to the former lair of Exodus to see if I can find any examples of these devices for myself. I have hired a guide named Balthan who knows the way into the strange caverns. I have brought a few unorthodox tools that should allow me to repair any devices I find. With luck, I will soon be able to prove my parents theories correct.