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[Buying] Looking For [exceptional](blessed)

PoTTy MouTh

I am currently Looking for [exceptional](blessed) items, with or without names.Also looking For [exceptional] pieces.. Paying Well
Also Looking For All Types Of Footwear. ( double exceptional, of exceptional quality, full title of exceptional quality, (blessed),[exceptional], let me know what u got.
I am Also looking for Full Tag Items (blessed) Like This Item.


Full Title (blessed).png

Must look like this photo or the one underneath.

Contact here.
Icq 621970305
DISCO- PoTTy MouTh#3368


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I wish they were easier to find. I have been searching hard since I came back to UO a few weeks ago. I post in gen chat a bunch of times every day and haven't had any luck. If I run across anything I dont want or cannot afford I will pass it your way. Also, if you find any footwear that you arent buying please think of me. I will buy any type of footwear with the exception of Sandals(Blessed)...got way to many of those.
I've got a couple of hats that are [Exceptional] but not (blessed) on GL if you're interested. They're the floppy and the feathered at the top.


I also have "A Ringmail Gloves of Exceptional Quality" made from '97 Coal I believe, or maybe really early shadow iron (since it doesn't say shadow iron on there), but they're not footwear. Same goes for "A Doublet of Exceptional Quality."

I have an Exceptional Spined Leather Cap. I also have a bit of an oddity, don't know where it came from:

green skullcap.PNG

Looks like I'm only good for headwear hehe.

Edit - However, I do have one footwear item that would probably make you salivate:
Original blessed '99 (I think) leprechaun boots. Good luck getting me to sell them though.
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