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[LoL Stratics] End of Season 2 Patch notes, Jungle changes, and Preseason changes!


Stratics Veteran

Season 2 has come to an end, and you know what that means! Eligible summoners will receive many LoL goodies, from a profile banner to the coveted War Hero Janna skin. It also means that elo ratings will be reset back to 1200, and that your ranked history will be archived under the dropdown bar in “Season 2.” There are also – of course – champion fixes, AI bot fixes, map changes, and new items that made their appearance first in the new Twisted Treeline! Read more here.
For you junglers, your jungling experience will change slightly in Season 3! The Assistant Game Designer Statikk mentioned on the LoL website some of the changes that will occur.
  • To make early ganking more difficult, the damage output of the neutral minion camps are going to be increased. This means junglers will have taken more damage and be at a lower health, causing them to reconsider early ganks. Jungle-specific items are being made, such as the Hunter’s Machete to help clear jungle camps more efficiently. The best part: it can be upgraded into several mid-game jungle items, such as Madred’s Razor, and Wriggle’s Lantern.
  • “Strong” were characterized by their high AoE damage (i.e. Amumu, Skarner), but they wanted a diversity and allow other viable junglers to shine. The large monsters in camps will have their health and damage output rebalanced, so single target junglers like Gangplank can clear much quicker than previously.
  • The experience gained and gold earned from jungle camps, as well as how the minions scale will be increased as well. This allows for junglers who focus on farm to level up and acquire gold quicker.
  • Jungle monsters now attempt to attack their nearest target rather than their initial attacker, making a pull or leash more difficult.
  • The gold produced by wraiths has dropped, while the gold produced from wolves and the double golems has increased.
  • Wraiths have been repositioned slightly so that mid champions that farm them for extra gold must commit to them.
  • Double golems have increased movement speed to make them less vulnerable for kiting.
For the preaseason changes, masteries will be adjusted and reworked, providing Summoners with more options and a greater build diversity. There were also “wasted” points to get to the masteries you needed, so the mastery paths have been adjusted as well.
  • For more diversity in the builds, there will be new options in each Offense, Defense, and Utility tree. There’s more choices and that are usable and adjustable to your champion and your playstyle.
  • Each tree is now useful to more champions. Before, AP and AD carries would put most of their points in Offense, tank champions in Defense, and supports in Utility. Now, carries can easily take some masteries that would be in the Defense tree, such as tenacity, etc.
  • Some masteries didn’t really fit under the tree they were originally in, and were replaced with masteries that made sense.
  • Some masteries have been removed, most notably Indomitable (Redues incoming damage by 1/2). Tough skin has been updated as well, no longer granting reduced damage from lane minions. The two together allowed players to freeze the lane, and the removal of the combination made freezing the lane a more dangerous proposition.
  • To get the masteries wanted, Summoners would have to put points in masteries that didn’t really benefit them, so the dependencies and rankings have been changed so it’s easier to reach the end of the tree.
  • The Utility tree has been adjusted a bit so its appeal fits everyones’ liking, and not just the supports.
Summoner Spells have been adjusted as well.
  • Barrier will be made available across all maps instead of just the Proving Grounds. It’s cooldown will be increased, and the duration of the shield will be decreased.
  • The overall effect of Heal has been diminished once again, but it heals allies for the same amount as it heals the caster.
  • Flash and Ignite have increased cooldowns.
  • Clarity, Clairvoyance, and Exhaust will become more visible during gameplay.
  • Promote and Surge will be removed. Promote will be replaced with an item similar to the effects of Promote.

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