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[LoL News] Twisted Fate Game Update


Stratics Veteran

Twisted Fate

  • Fixed a bug where Fiddlestick's autoattack could be interrupted by Dark Wind

  • Fixed a bug where using Devastating Charge on an enemy Tower causes it to redirect aggro onto Hecarim

  • Updated Katarina's Lore

  • Fixed a bug where Lulu's autoattack could be interrupted by Pix

  • Fixed a bug where voidlings could get stuck in walls when using abilities in impassible terrain

  • Fixed a bug where Rengar could double jump

  • Fixed a bug where Ryze's autoattack could be interrupted by Spell Flux

  • Fixed a bug where Syndra could force Monsters to attack each other
  • Fixed a tooltip error for Force of Will
  • Fixed a bug where stunning an opponent on Dominion could cause a graphical error with the scoreboard

Co-op vs. AI
  • Intermediate bots now have a chance to use a random skin

  • Attack speed buffs / debuffs will now immediately take effect instead of having to wait for the next autoattack
  • Fears will no longer reset jungle minions
  • Fixed a bug where Baron Nashor remained "out of combat" when an enemy stealth unit is nearby
  • Fixed a bug where in rare instances Champions would not be able to autoattack

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