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[LoL News] Summoner Showcase #74 - Testing the Limits of League Awesomeness


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
This week’s Summoner Showcase submissions give us a different look at some familiar faces of the League. Testing the limits of awesomeness, the entries below are just some of the amazing creations brought to you by summoners just like yourself!

Scroll down for a closer look at this week’s entries.

Minion Papercraft

This spectacular creation by Malica shows us that even the underappreciated minion can become an awesome piece of art.

Master Yi Art

Nhazul gives us a bold new portrayal of a fan favorite, with his rendition of Master Yi… showing off the Wuju Bladesman’s sculpted bod.

Button Match-Up

Test your skills in this League matching game and see if you can become a champion of champions!


We’ve had a few LoL Dubstep remixes, but this mix by ZMiX remains unique and distinctively epic.

Skarner Art

If bugs scare you, this submission by SkullsInACab will surely give you a fright.

Death Dealer Teemo

Being adorable can be quite tiring, so Teemo is taking a break from being so darn cute, and tries on a guise of death and destruction in this drawing by Gnarf.

This may be the end of this week’s submissions, but we’ll definitely need some more next week! Send your fan creations and Summoner name to [email protected] !

We’ll see you next week!

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