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[LoL News] Gladiator Draven Available Now


Stratics Veteran

“Dra-ven! Dra-ven! Dra-ven!”

The chanting grows louder. Gladiator Draven, spattered in blood, throws his glowing blades into another helpless fool. Fiery effects adorn his deadly abilities and as Draven spins his axes faster, sparks and embers fly from their freshly-forged edges. Anyone deemed worthy of death from his ultimate bears witness to a mighty spectacle: two mighty axes ablaze as they churn through the ground for another brutal kill. His enemies eviscerated, Draven prepares for his return to base and turns to the crowds to hear their roar of approval one last time -- they are most definitely entertained.

Gladiator Draven is available now for 975 RP in the League of Legends store.

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