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[LoL News] Digi-Art Throwdown Contest Winners Revealed


Stratics Veteran
The Digi-Art Throwdown contest has come to an end and you all made it a huge success – the competition came right down to the last pixel! Out of over 5,500 entries, we had to whittle things down to just 17 winners. We’re pleased to put another awesome digital brush into the hands of our grand prize winners by sending both of them a 22-inch HD Cintiq tablet. Check out their winning submissions!

Assaulting the ultimate objective on Summoner’s Rift is easier when you’re properly equipped. As Pulsefire Ezreal prepares to test out his Iceborn Gauntlet, the enemy team is completely unaware of their opponents rushing to contest. With brilliant colors and evocative action lines showing off iconic abilities, this piece captured our imagination – this is how stealing Baron is meant to feel!

This winning piece brings us to the workshop during Blitzcrank’s season three upgrades. With Vi on maintenance duty while Ziggs and Heimerdinger brainstorm on the blackboard, this piece captures the crazed genius of a yordle think-tank. There’s also a hint of danger, however, as a spy looks to infiltrate these pre-season shenanigans. We loved this image because of its simple, yet engaging, narrative and how the perspective is skewed just a bit to the left to give these yordles a dominating presence despite their short stature.

The rest of our winning entries can be viewed in the gallery. All 15 runners-up will get a Riot goodie bag full of loot, including some brand new drawing tablets to support their future artistic endeavors.

We received so much amazing art that our inboxes were bursting, so we’ll be featuring tons of other entries on Facebook and Twitter over the next few months. We’ll also be contacting some participants (including non-winners) with even more artistic opportunities. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Even if you didn’t score the grand prize, be sure to post your entries for all to see. You all create awesome art, so show it off!

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