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[LoL News] Check out the New Features in The Hecarim Update!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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Greetings, summoners! A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making League of Legends the best game it can be, whether it’s a killer new champion, an adorably fuzzy costume for your main, or support for red-green colorblind summoners. In the Hecarim update, we’re adding a number of enhancements to the game. Check out the changes to combat text, mastery pages, bots, and more: all coming in the Hecarim update!

Improved Floating Combat Text

The Hecarim update delivers animated, color-coded, more legible text for damage, healing, crowd control effects, and gold income. Physical damage will appear as red, magic damage will be purple, true damage will be white, and healing will have green text. Of course, we’ve also included a color palette for red-green colorblind summoners, so if you use our recently-added Colorblind Mode, you’ll have a different set of distinct colors. Additionally, these values will all pop out in different directions, so you can tell just how much damage you’re dealing from each of these distinct sources.

If you don’t find the text to your liking, we’ve also included an option in the “Interface” menu to return it to the version you currently see in the live game.

Mastery Pages Stored Server-Side

Are you a summoner on the go? Do you play at a local LAN center, team up at a friend’s house, or just migrate to a different computer between sessions? Look alive, because in the Hecarim update, we’ll be storing your mastery pages online… no matter where you go to access the game!

If you play on different computers from time to time, you will receive this prompt once for each computer that you’ve used. For example, if you typically play on one of two different computers, you’ll be asked to save your masteries to the server twice, and you can choose to do so from either computer.

UI Updates

We added three more updates to the UI: The bottom left panel that displays your attack damage, ability power, attack speed, movement speed, armor, and magic resist is receiving a new, more legible font.

In addition, a new feature displays your champion’s experience above his head, giving you a quick and easy way to monitor your progression and experience gains throughout the game.

Finally, whenever your health, mana, or energy are not full, your health and mana/energy regeneration rates will be displayed inside your respective health, mana, and energy bars at the bottom of the screen. What’s more, this regeneration rate will include effects such as Health Potions and Dr. Mundo’s ultimate, Sadism.

Bot Updates

If you love playing with or against computer-controlled champions, we’ve got some good news for you! First, Sion Bot has been added to the AI roster, so if you want to punish some undead Noxians, you’re in luck. Second, all the bots have learned some new tricks: Once they’ve completed their full item builds, they’ll continue to power up through elixirs. Finally, hosts of custom games can now add bots to Dominion games, in addition to the already-present Co-op vs. AI option.

Of course, this update will feature a new champion, skins, and balance improvements as normal, but we wanted to give you a heads-up on some of the exciting new features coming to League of Legends!

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