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[LoL News] Champion and Skin Sale: Time to Slay the Dragon


Stratics Veteran
As we march to victory across Summoner’s Rift, I find myself at an impasse. My stalwart squad of determined champions has assembled to cross the river into enemy territory, but my blood boils and my grip tightens around my lance. I feel it in my bones – a dragon is near.

I cannot control my lust for spilling the blood of these nefarious creatures. Summoners, the charge has been called! We are to meet the dragon in his pit and slay him for glory, honor, and the gold he has hoarded away. If we manage to slay the dragon, you’ll reap the benefits of our prize.

  • As the commander of this dragon-slaying party, I, Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV, shall put myself in harm’s way on the front lines. As Exemplar of Demacia, you’re always ready to slay a dragon or two. 487 RP
  • Dragonslayer Vayne is up to the task, having been instrumental in many dicey dragon battles. This is one slayer who won’t tumble away from a challenge. 487 RP
  • Bittersweet Lulu knows that you catch more yordles with cupcakes and slay more dragons with a buffed-up band of champions. Her bubbly personality hides a bloodlust usually reserved for the fiercest dragon hunters. She shows much promise. 487 RP

  • Dragons may be powerful, but Wukong’s agility allows him to dodge devastating blasts of fire. I’ve definitely got time for his monkey business. 487 RP
  • Orianna and her ball can scout the dragon’s den and keep our squad protected during the engage. I hope that her metallic body won’t melt under extreme temperatures. 487 RP

Begin the assault champions! Hyahhhh! You shall fall before the might of Demacia, dragon!

As the dragon begins to falter and stagger from the relentless assault, a lone cleaver buries itself deep into the dragon’s skull, felling the beast.

  • NO! NO. NOOOOO! Dr. Mundo has stolen this victorious moment from us! We cannot let this atrocity go unanswered. 292 RP

You can round up these champions and skins at these prices from October 16 to October 19. We shall cross the river and make Dr. Mundo pay for his dishonorable tactics. To arms, champions – we move at once to bring these kill stealers to justice.

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