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Logged in to being stuck as a wolf


Stratics Veteran
I logged in today to find myself stuck as a werewolf

I logged out normal last night and now I'm stuck in this form

I know its part of the game but it would be nice to have the option to turn into a wolf for 3 days instead of it being automatic as the moon changes


Stratics Veteran
I obviously didn't read the npc's info correctly now i'll have to live with it
Yep, Once you drink that tasty wolf spit then your hooked for life on that stuff. To be honest though, the Devs do tell you all about the forced wear wolf form during the full moon cycle.



Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
This one is extremely permanent, also. No in-game item can remove it, and even the admin commands that fully reset your effects can't remove it, because lycanthropy has been cooked into your "DNA" if you will -- your low-level attributes.

At this point if it really sucks, you might consider making a new character now before you get too invested and find it frustrating. Sorry!


Stratics Veteran
I submitted an in-game suggestion on the topic of Lycanthropy, so I'll just reiterate a few ideas here. I am currently Lycan skill 27 or so.

Lycanthropy has several drawbacks as this thread indicates. However Lycanthropy feels very weak overall. Given the drawbacks, there should be more perks to the skill tree. NPC's hate me, etc.

I don't understand how run-speed boost isn't a no-brainer here. As a wolf I cannot run any faster than a bi-pedal humanoid. What? That feels really lame from a player's perspective who just morphed into a wolf.

Also, you don't even earn 6 skills as a werewolf to fill up the bar. I thought the idea was to have more than 6 and have to make choices.

To make matters worse here, one of the skills "Pack Attack" is totally useless unless you are grouped with other Lycans which is almost never in my personal experience. Pack Attack should provide a buff to anyone grouped with me regardless of whether they are also a wolf. Anyone in my group is my "pack".

Howl doesn't really feel like it pays for itself either. Not sure what the point is. I stopped using Howl completely and I don't notice any difference. On a positive note, Beast Metabolism is cool.

Graphically, I should be bigger and more ferocious - like a dire wolf instead of your garden variety zoo wolf. Big enough to function as a mount for 1-2 players, that way, paired with my better run speed, I can get a small party whever we are going together.

Honestly it just feels like an incomplete, overlooked skill. And that's fine for Alpha but it needs a lot of love. My main idea here: Give the Lycanthropy skill more passive bonuses in light of the permanent drawbacks, starting with movement speed.