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Lockpicking training??

Anon McDougle

Stratics Veteran
I'm stuck at 90 picking locks in despise level 2 in Fel getting no gains what should i try i have skill room and its set to gain


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
From what i remember, gm boxes should take you to 95. After that eat pink, or get yourself discorded in the weild.

Max Blackoak

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
gm boxes to 95, then pick chests in exodus dungeon (requires 90+ detect to reveal them) to get to gm. Those chests actually have stuff in them that's worth looting by the way


Try the Yew Crypts, 3 boxes/chests spawn in 2 separate areas. Its super easy to gain there and you get gold. Be warned that only one of the spawn locations can you mark a rune.

Calla Lily

My treasure hunter GM’d picking by opening chests in the Yew crypts and all the lovely crates and barrels in Despise. The only thing is that you have to have a positive karma character for Despise (go upstairs, not down.)
I GM'd my lockingpicking @ the warriors guild outside of Britain. There's a room are under the stairs to the left when you go in the building, all kinds of crates in there
Catatonic&Deluded Visitor

GM'd lockpicking with my treasure hunter on the boxes in the room under the stairs at the Warriors Guild in Britain.

Good gains on boxes/barrels in the "good" side of Despise. Find level 8 scrolls in those boxes/barrels too.


I got my first one via SoT after 95. The second one I got just using a gm box in my pack. Took a while but I got it.

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