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Little Laurie


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Dawn was just lighting up the sky when Thom slipped into his house and up the stairs. It hadn't taken too long to find the girl's house, though there had been setbacks.

The sun had long ago set as Thom trudged through the forest of Yew. With the farmers in the area as close knit a bunch as they were it hadn't taken him long to find one that recognized his description of Laurie. Looking around the area he muttered to himself “Turn left at the big Yew tree near the Johnson's old place.” While that may have been adequate directions for most of the farmers, it left a lot to be desired when you weren't familiar with the area. It may also have helped if his thoughts were more on finding his destination then on how to tell the poor girl that she was an orphan. It was as sure as the sun would rise in the morning that whichever member of the Hand had been to her house would not have left either of her parents alive.

A quick check on Laurie on the second floor showed her fast asleep, hair splayed across the pillows and a slight frown on her face. He put the clothes out that he had picked up at her house, and carefully tucked her doll into the bed with her.

As he entered the clearing near the wood pile everything looked normal until the moonlight illuminated the pool of blood left behind. There was no sign of a body and a quick check showed no signs of animals. Turning towards the house he entered through the still open front door and took a look around. Not finding anything of note he gathered up a few things for Laurie and locked the house up. Where exactly the bodies had went could be investigated in the morning. Most likely some other person had stumbled across the scene and sent them into Yew proper. His first task done for the night he could devote all of his attention to the more delicate matter of how to inform little Laurie.


Stratics Veteran
The little girl clutched the doll in her sleep and tossed and turned a bit before settling back into a heavy slumber. The bad man came after her several times in the night and each time it felt more real, more terrifying.

She wanted nothing more than to finally be back home with her family. Her mother would be making breakfast in a few hours and when her sleep was less nightmarish she dreamed of waking in her own bed to the smell of fresh bacon downstairs. Sometimes even her brother was in the dream. That made her happy. It had been so long since he had been home and she missed him.

But when her eyes finally opened in the morning she knew that the dreams had not come true. She clutched her doll tighter and cried for a bit before leaving the bed. The worn doll reminded her of home and that helped her a little. She always told her mom that she was too old for dolls now, but she would never let her mom throw it away.

When her stomach started to rumble she made her way toward the stairs, quietly so that she didn't wake up the nice people.

Rick Moore

Stratics Veteran
A Meeting at Dread Keep

"We need to find that little girl. I saw her talking with Gillian and Thom during the archery tournament." Mikael continued pacing about.... "I don't want word of her parent's murders falling back on the Hand." Mikael stopped and looked directly at Dervish. "You there.. you seem most adept at finding people, find this little girl and do with her that which you will." A devilish grin appeared on the tribesman's lips followed by a quick nod of his head. He spun on his heels and was gone.

Turning to Malekai, Mikael asked the brooding liche of Kragor Lars. "Tell this man well done on my behalf. It is good to have a champion archer among us.... Tell him I hope his skills with a bow are not only confined to a stationary target for we will have need of his talents very soon."

"Omen... it appears our brethren Cravien Shade has been delayed. I received word from him last eve..... On his journey to us someone of note caught his attention and he has taken it upon himself to follow up on this matter." Omen looked on as Mikael spoke, the mention of Cravien's name caused an ever so slight furrow of his brow, the tell went unnoticed to Mikael. Omen simply nodded in understanding.

Mikael D'Amavir >H<
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